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Why New Year’s Eve Is So Much Better Sober

A couple of years ago, if you told me you stayed sober on New Year’s Eve I would have laughed in your face and called you one of my grandparent’s names. My idea of a New Year’s Eve was to shimmy into a dress, throw on some heels, and make my way over to a friend’s house not knowing where I woke up the next morning or what happened the night before. December 31st was just one of my great excuses to get messed up. Any kind of celebration was a chance for me to chug booze.

The first NYE that I was sober I felt confused, jealous, and had a partial sigh of relief in regards to hearing about old friend’s and people that I knew who were going out to have a long night. I stayed in my pajamas on my first sober New Year’s Eve and watched the ball in Times Square drop with other friendswho were in the same boat as me – early recovery.

As years have gone on, I’ve noticed that there is much anticipation and hype that goes on during the night. There is so much build up, and in a split second the year changes, but everything is still the same. While it is custom to celebrate New Year’s Eve with copious amounts of alcohol, I’ve come to have more fun while staying sober on new years eve. Here are my reasons:

I Remember My Night

It’s great to look back on past NYE and actually remember what happened. Today, I have so many great memories made and can look back and remember them. I don’t have to piece together the night or remember moments from someone’s Instagram picture.

I Don’t Embarass Myself

There were years I was either kissing someone else’s significant other, peeing in a bush, or losing my car. There was always some escapade that happened where the next morning I had to go through my calls and text messages to make sure I didn’t drunk dial anyone or text that guy I had a crush on. Today, I don’t have to worry about that.

I’m Not Hungover

When I wake up in the morning, I’m not reaching for the Gatorade or bottle of Advil and having my second kiss of the year be with my toilet. I can go take a hike or do something fun to kick off the year instead of spending the first day of the year in a state of queasy misery.

My Bank Account Is Happier

Usually after Christmas, my bank account is in a sad state. Drink costs and cover fees usually always are higher on New Year’s Eve and I don’t have to ring in the night with crickets in my bank account ever again. I would rather hang out with friends or do something more cost-effective than deal with the crowds and pay expensive fees.

I Ring In the New Year With An Intention

Instead of being that sloppy girl who’s fake eyelash is half-on, half-off and stumbling her way to midnight while jotting out a phony new year’s resolution, I set an intention. Whether that be just one word or a type of mantra, I ring in the year feeling poised and confident. In 2017 my word was “abundant,” and boy, did it follow through.

I Have No Expectations

If one year my plans are to sit on my couch with my cat and eat cheese, and another year I go out with a couple friends to a nice dinner, that’s fine by me. NYE get’s so hyped up and I always put so much emphasis on, “what am I going to wear? Who am I going to kiss? And, what party am I going to go to?” Having expectations of the night can cause so much anxiety and stress. Today I don’t have to deal with that if I don’t want to, because I am sober.

I Stay Grateful

I remember what New Year’s was like for me in the past. I always feel lucky to ring in another year clean and sober. I usually take some time to reflect on where I once was at this time of the year and where I am now. Because of my sobriety, I have the best life today and can’t wait to see what my life will look like next year.



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