Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Why I Write

I write because it has always been a part of me, as natural as breathing. Of course I say it as though the words flow out of me effortlessly, but this is not true either.

I write because I’m a writer.

I love words. I love the emotions they carry, the pictures they paint, and the effort of words combined to make both concrete and intangible thoughts. I am in love with words on the page.

Words in and of themselves are amazingly powerful. They hold more possibilities and doubts combined than any other art form. Words offer what images fail to give. Words are small pieces of our stories offered in whatever way they come out to meet the page.

Words hurt but they heal. Words hold those pieces that help me to get to the greater parts of me that remain hidden from the surface. I answer questions I hold without even knowing it before writing begins. I am a wanderer wondering what my place is and who I am.

Without writing, I wouldn’t be myself.

I may stumble in confusion and tears, but each time I fall, I learn. My thoughts seem inconsistent without the discipline to get them out of me or to at least lead the way to the exit from me.

Words can suffocate and release.

Words are a pause and reflect on the longest journey I will ever have taken in this life. The journal keeping of thoughts as I grasp at what seems impossible to say, more often than not comes out of me with an ease I never knew was possible once the process begins.

Words are finite and infinite. I can end and begin again.

Words bring life after the death of the self, time and time again.

Words hide and reveal.

Words protect and steal the best parts of me. The wounds I hold from words alone cut deeper than any other pain. However, words are the only thing to have ever healed me – if not completely, then as close to completely as can be in the moment.

Words can confuse me as my thoughts surround them, thinking and rethinking about something I may have missed, lost, or simply misplaced.

Writing has been my worst enemy and my greatest ally.

Writing is every part of me.

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