Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Walking By Faith

“Through many dangers, toils and snares, We have already come., T’was grace that brought us safe thus far, And grace will lead us home,” John Newton

by John Kaniecki


“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” God

Life is a road with many unexpected twists and turns. There is always danger at every turn, seen and unseen. A walk of faith means that by some method God will see you safely through.I recall hitchhiking in Idaho next to the clear water river. It was thirty years ago but it seems like forever. I had just gotten baptized and became a Christian. I took a trip across the country. I got as far south as Texas and northwest as Washington State. On the way back I went through Idaho. It was legal to hitchhike there so I did. On the one ride, the man told me he had a friend who was a Christian. The man’s friend got extremely sick to the point of death. Where was God?

That is a great question. Where is this ‘God of Love’ when war, famine, hardship and all the cruelties of life inflict humanity? God is in His heavens watching with a sorrowful eye. The bad state of affairs on Earth do not prove the non-existence of God but rather speak of his presence. You see most of the hardships and problems we face on planet Earth are the making of man. If we simply obeyed one of God’s commands “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself,” then ninety percent of our problems would vanish. We would have no hunger, homelessness, war, in fact, we wouldn’t even build weapons of war anymore.

As somebody who has a mental illness, I have suffered a great deal in life. My youth was very problematic and dealing with my illness was difficult. Now my wife has dementia and I am her full-time caregiver. Unable to work I have to live off of savings. With my funds whittling away I had to cash in an IRA. As a result, I had too much income and they say my health insurance is going to be terminated. Where is God?

If there is a story on suffering in the Bible to pay note to it is the story of Joseph. Poor Joseph didn’t do a thing wrong and got sold into slavery. But as a man of character, he made the best of his situation and became a good slave. So much so that he was put in charge of the whole household. Then on a lie, while doing the right thing, Joseph was thrown into jail. Still, he made the best of his situation. Where then was God? Of course, we see at the end of the story that Joseph was put in charge of Egypt and saved many from starvation. There was a reason for his trials and suffering.

I always tell people to hold off of their judgment of God until all is said and done. Life is something that chance and circumstance take place. If you change one thing in your past then you could dramatically affect your outcome. I knew a man who met his wife because of a car accident. If you asked the man ‘Do you want to get into a car accident today?’ he would obviously answer ‘no’. But that is the thing of God, that he can make bad things turn into the most wonderful things.

It is not that I am happy with my circumstances. But there is a joy in my life as I take care of my wife. I find purpose and meaning. I can see the fruits of the lesson as I learn deeper compassion and the art of gentleness. These are invaluable lessons of life. Life, after all, is partly a learning exercise. I am learning to trust God.

So who knows what the future will hold? It could be fame and fortune or it could be bust. It is not my role to worry about the future but rather to maturely accept the reality and do my best.

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