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What is truth?

Everyone seems to be seeking it, especially in others, so let’s start with the factual definition, shall we? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Noah Webster may be a distant relative of mine so I’m kind of famous. You should listen to me, just sayin’), the definition is as follows:

TRUTH: 1: a :the body of real things, events, and facts :actuality    (2):the state of being the case :fact    (3) often capitalized :a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality

2: sincerity in action, character, and utterance

Seems simple enough. Yet what I see everyday tells me otherwise. We constantly feel the need to figure out what is truth and what is not, especially regarding social media. We don’t know someone’s motives or level of sincerity, we don’t know who’s relapsed, we don’t even know what news stories are fabricated. Let’s face it, we really don’t know shit. We all seem to think we do though. We all judge, have preconceived notions, overthink or read people incorrectly. Based on a status or video on Facebook? Really people? Constantly suspicious of each other. And these perceptions of our own “truths” frequently are presented as facts. Therefore, according to my famous great, great grandfather’s possible cousin, this is not TRUTH. This is gossip and sometimes slander. And just kind of being an asshole.

It is potentially very harmful, especially for fragile people, and some of the most fragile are the ones that have the biggest mouths and are seeking attention. Insecure people tend to have these behaviors. It doesn’t mean they don’t have good hearts. It also doesn’t mean I’m grouping every loudmouth into this category, some of it is over inflated ego instead, the complete opposite. But how do we honestly know what is what? Um, we don’t.

I’ll use myself as an example. Did you know I’m a head hunter? Some of you are nodding “Yup bitch, I knew it”. That’s a notion you’ve perceived based on a “truth” you think you’ve seen, or a “truth” you’ve heard about me from Joe Schmoe from fucking Indiana who’s never once been in a room with me, let alone taken the time to speak to me, or a sense you might feel that something about me isn’t authentic. What am I looking to get? Why would I be doing what I do without financial gain of some sort? What’s the “truth”?

Don’t think I don’t ask myself about the money. A lot! Especially as I’m looking at my last 20$ and deciding if I can afford gas and to buy my daughter that book she wanted from the book fair. Or wearing jeans older than most of my kids (2 are adults). Driving a pick-up truck that I pray will start every time I climb into it (yes, I said climb, I’m 4’11”, and that is TRUTH).

My truth is this; I don’t give a fuck what someone thinks about me unless it’s someone who actually knows me! And I could count on my fingers the people that do, as I am just really learning to know myself. Yes, it’s kind of sad at age 40 to admit that, I guess I’m a late bloomer. My point is, you shouldn’t care either. If we all stop caring so much about the gossip and feeding the cycle, maybe it will stop. When a parasite no longer has a host, it dies. This is a fact, TRUTH. So stop being a host for tape worms.

And especially do not be that parasite looking to feed off of inaccuracies, rumors, or your version of a “truth” that could very likely be completely counterfactual.

Parasites are gross.

Words of wisdom from Kelly Bse Cookson, AKA Tenacious C, AKA Head Hunter Extraordinaire

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