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The Survivor’s Legacy

A look Inside The Pain

We as people, especially those that have been through something, how do I put it…we don’t want anyone’s pity. Let’s be real here, we can clearly see it on someone’s face once they know our stories. Our thoughts go to the expected judgment, negative self talk, and just reliving them again.

My fellow inspiration loves to take that pain and turn it into something positive. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally be in a place where you have the strength, for the first time ever to say,  “Hi, my name is _______ and I survived _______ .”

It’s an incredibly empowering moment.

Inspiring Others To Share

For so long we can get stuck in this place in our own heads that we believe are all alone. It’s funny, the little ways we can take a nice chunk of our own confidence and just toss it to the wolves. Having a way to connect with others gives an opportunity to see the possibility of overcoming something similar or maybe even the same things. Heck, we very often never hear or know how much our sharing of our own experiences means to someone until they say something. In truth, doing so helps us just as much as others.

Helping Others Also Helps Ourselves

Sharing is great for everyone. Let it be known that in my own mind, there is always this one person out there that is just like I was, going through the same feelings and emotions. My intention is that my blogs or my poems reach that one person that’s suffering in silence. There may be someone hanging on his last thread that needs to hear what I have to say or even showing up at a meeting and standing up to tell your story can help another person that’s struggling.

When we hear others say, “Hey, that really resonated with me,” and “thank you,” there’s a connection that is formed betwern us and another. That connection is worth more than a million dollars. That’s why some of us do this. It’s all about love.

Silence is what kills us slowly

Yes, the meaning of this one title gets you right in the heart. The truth of it is just that. So many of us sit in silence. We lose so much hope that we just don’t get the help we need.

I’ll take this time to tell anyone that needs to hear it, to please reach out for help. You are very much loved and the world would be poorer without you in it. Without you here to share with us, leaves us at a disadvantage. You’re not as alone as you think you are. I am herr for you. There are many of us here for you.

Mantras and ‘just keep swimming’

Yes, I did take that line from Dory. The ‘just keep swimming’ and ‘we do recover’ mantras – we all use something to pull us out of our dark clouds. Words like these are lighthouses that shine hope in our hearts. They are inspiration that keeps us moving forward from one minute to the next.

In another blog, I shared the mantra ‘I can, I will.” That is one myself and many others use as well. Work your program, share your story, or write your poems of inspiration. That’s your gift to this world. Share it in all its beauty. Don’t just share the good parts, but share the troubling parts, too. Carry on your message of hope and recovery with others. Be proud of all that you have survived.

The Survivors Legacy

The survivors legacy is one of silence
We never speak about our pain or that depression that comes in waves
So deep in that sadness that it drives us to madness
So often we forget to grant ourselves the same saving grace that we often give to others
Walking around with unseen open wounds
Looking up at the night wondering if anyone truly sees our pain
With a mask of serenity firmly in place
Down on bended knee, to the Lord we pray
This is the survivor’s legacy of saving grace

And last but not least, one more poem…


Does the good outweigh the bad?
That question alone gets the wheels of motion
turning in my head
Our perceptions may all be different as we are not all the same
But there is one thing that we can’t change
Our humanity through unity
Giving a voice to the voiceless
Helping others stand when it’s easy to sit
Going against the grain helps others to finally open their eyes
We often lose our way but take that time to make peace with ourselves
As I look to my left and my right
Seeing an army of support and being banded together with one single purpose
Proof to the masses that our pasts don’t define our futures
We stand together so that you all can see that we do recover

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