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The Often Unseen Side Effects Of Addiction To Prescription Drugs

Effects Of Addiction To The Prescription Drugs

Drug dependency is a big issue in American health care, with many addicts treated for their addictions. However, there is often a misconception about what it means to be addicted to drugs and the effect it has.

There is too much emphasis on the harrowing impact of hard drugs like heroin and meth. Although this is important, the issue of addiction to prescription drugs tends to go under the radar.

It is far too easy for patients to become dependent on their

medication, especially with stimulants, opiates, and tr

anquilizers. This means drugs like pain medication for chronic conditions, sleeping pills for insomniacs and ADHD medication.

The problem comes when people are reliant on these medications to live their day-to-day life, but also on the feeling that these drugs provide. Prescriptions are meant to protect patients from dependence and overuse, but this isn’t always the case.

The Increasing Availability Of Drugs Means That There Are Many Ways For Patients To Increase Their Dosage Without A Prescription.

 Prescription Drugs


Patients may exhibit signs of addicted to their medication by trying to gain more pills than they need. This could be a simple as frequent doctors visits and requests for refills. However, damaging addictions can lead to more underhanded behavior, such as faking lost prescriptions or even stealing medication to get a fix.

Loved ones may not be aware of these actions, especially during these private doctor’s visits, but there are other signs. Addicted patients may also take more pills than the prescription calls for, supplement with additional OTC options or order medication online.

This can be very dangerous as there is no professional guidance on the drugs usage or their dosage. Too many could cause adverse side effects and health problems, and some combinations could have a negative reaction.


The Consequences Of Addiction To Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Effects

Dependency on tranquilizers can lead to cognitive side effects, such as with decision making, memory, spatial awareness and motor skills. It also makes people drowsier in the day and can lead to involuntary movements.

Stimulant abuse can cause cardiovascular side effects, such as irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, and even heart failure. Users should also watch out for insomnia, agitation, and unexplained weight loss.

Opiate Abuse Can Cause A Range Of Side Effects From Gastrointestinal Issues, Shortness Of Breath, Disorientation And Depression

Dependency on prescription drugs can lead to a variety of health problems. Users feel that they are helping the primary health issue and taking their edge off of their emotional and physical pain.

The truth is that they are causing more damage. Unchecked addiction can spiral out of control with severe physical and mental health problems. This can then affect relationships, work situations and other aspects of life.

Addiction To Painkillers, Tranquilizers, And Stimulants Is Rarely A Choice And Struggling Patients Need Help.

Painkiller Addict - Prescription Drugs


The addition is a by-product of a need for strong prescription drugs that help a chronic condition. Need for prescribed help quickly becomes a dependency on that relief, and it is too easy for this switch to go unnoticed.

Any patient that seems to be struggling, or is looking to alternative sources, needs to be treated like any other addict. The more that they are neglected, the worse the issue will get.




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