Wed. May 25th, 2022

The Block

Have you ever felt like you have a mental block? Let me tell you, it’s like one thing after the other, worrying when the other shoe is going to drop. This type of mentality can just suck the life out of a person. It can even make a person sick because of stress.

What to do? Take a deep breath first. At this time, I know you’re freaking out. Breathe, then repeat after me – “I can do this. I may know how, but I will figure out a solution.” Sometimes just changing the direction of your thoughts is all you need to do. That huge wall that was once in front of you, you will soon find yourself over it.

What Is A Rebel?

In my eyes, a rebel is someone that is constantly fighting through something. I guess in one way or another, we are all rebels in our own right. Just by the simple fact of our fighting everyday to make it to the next. Have you ever noticed that when something happens, you either get sad or then at times get mad? Even if it takes you awhile to get back up, you’re charged up, ready to go back into the fight and come out the victor in this battle. That fight may be buried inside, but it’s there.

When Will It Come Out?

That’s a hard question to even answer. It took me 30 years to conquer my fear. Even now, just when I think I have a handle on it, life changes and throws me through a loop. Just like that, I am back at square one again.

I read in a book somewhere that the feeling of fear is a survival instinct. It’s crazy to think that the feeling of fear was meant to keep us alive. Yet, we can let that feeling overwhelm us so much that we become stuck, unable to move on with life.

This Is Me 

Have you ever noticed that we tell ourselves that we have to be strong for our kids, parents, or someone else? Most often, never in the same sentence have we said ourselves, too. I took notice of my own self talk. I even talked about it in my last blog titled, We All Have Our Own Truth, proudly proclaiming myself standing strong and no longer being afraid. Actually, saying the word no, works. It’s a very hard word to say for some. Trust me I get it, as once being a former yes person.

The Box 

I don’t know about you but as for me, I get really mad when someone tells me what I can’t do. Doesn’t it make you just want to get up and prove everyone else wrong? I know I do. That’s why I tend to say I’m a free spirit. Maybe it’s that feeling that exploded when I wrote the poem, The Rebel. I also thought about how so many others get judged on a day to day basis. Not that it really matters what others think, but you just want to shout out loud for the world to hear, “Hey you! Don’t slap a label on me!”

The Rebel 

As you sit here with your many degrees
Thinking you can set a limitation on me
Telling me what my body’s capabilities are
Thinking you can tell me how far
Have you ever felt my pain?
Did you walk a mile in my shoes today?
Trying so conveniently to fit me into a beautiful box of your own design
I refuse to give up and accept that box
So you can take your box and go kick rocks
We are all gifted with a strength and purpose
Living life in this big wonderful circus
Others will always try to set the same limitation on you that they feel for themselves
I’ll pray harder for you than I do for myself
For I got what you may later come to understand
An open mind and a willingness to learn
And most importantly what you think about me is no longer my concern.

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