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Life in Recovery

As my 9-month clean date on August 8th approaches, I have found myself reflecting on the amazing life that I have started to build, thanks to my recovery. It hasn’t always been easy but looking back at my journey so far, it has all been worth it. When I was first released from jail and […]

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Recovery is Selfish

Whenever you make the decision to enter into recovery, you are often asked why you made the decision to get clean. Answers come in various forms, such as for the kids, because I have to go or went to jail, I can’t afford it, etc. One answer most people shy away from is that they […]

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A Funeral and a Baby Shower

How the hell are these two things related you are likely asking yourself. Allow me to explain. It makes sense in the end, I promise. From about December of 2015, when I first realized my other half, my Sunshine, was on heroin until October of 2016, a lot of thoughts and emotions raced through my […]

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