Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Society Says

Time taints the present, wrestles with the hope of change being capable, to your putting down the dope.

There’s no understanding, the resentment is noticed, our silence resounds in all of the demons you’ve kissed.

And while you fall again, we’ll boo and we’ll hiss, because we like it here in our ignorant bliss.

We don’t need to hear you, or what goes unspoken there’s no need to listen, while angels fall you’re still broken.

Your struggles are ignored by those of us around you, we’ll keep turning our heads and just be glad we’re not you.

We’ll keep saying, ‘Not me. Mine won’t be affected.’ And we’ll make sure you stay there with no direction.

We choose not to know you or anyone like yourself it’s easier for us stay above you, here on this man made shelf.

We’ve placed ourselves here, and it’s where we’ll stay in all of our efforts to keep you out of our way.

Sit back in your corner and leave us be we’re happy without you, we need you to see, that in the pews on Sunday is where we’ll be, passing out judgment in our offerings.

We’ll revel in the notion that our God loves us more today and always, inside of those doors.

We’ll whisper and point fingers and call you weak we’ll talk all about how you can’t succeed.

Our voices will serenade our own shared thoughts of how you chose it and still remain lost.

We’ll not be relentless in our speech, because you aren’t the one we’re trying to reach.

We don’t care about why or the reasons surrounding, while we shake our heads, actions astounding.

We’ll work hard to keep you there, alone and trapped because accepting truth is not our task.

We don’t want to know why you lie and you steal, we don’t care about that or how you feel.

It’s your choice, you choose to stay there, but we’ll do what we can to talk and stare.

Besides there’s no such thing as no control we know your type without knowing you at all.

And as you sit there, crying, alone and scared, we’ll just keep repeating how it’s you that doesn’t care.

We don’t need you with us because our time means more, and we don’t want your chaos or your war.

We enjoy our own battles, we’re busy keeping score of all of your failures, we know there’ll be more.

We’re counting them all, each and every one, and sometimes we laugh at your coming undone.

We don’t need to understand you to have our fun, we like our walls and thinking we’ve won.

We protect our own here and we’ll keep you away, today and tomorrow, are one in the same because to us you’re no one, do you have a name?

We read in our papers of the things you’ve done, and we’re shaking our heads as we hang them in shame.

You make these choices and you can’t tell us we’re wrong you’ve spent so much time there, it’s all the same song.

Your suffering is self-inflicted, and there you sit like your completely unaffected taking that next hit.

And you just keep going, we know who you are it’s been us keeping track, watching from afar.

We don’t have time to consider the problems we like our view, and not trying to solve them.

You created this mess and our distance keeps us grounded, trust us we know because we’re still counting.

While we revel in our successes we’ll leave you be it’s obvious to us you like catastrophe.

We do not promote helping those as broken as you are, we don’t have the time while we judge from afar.

So just stay over there, or stay in prison, it all helps us in keeping our vision.

We tell ourselves that’s just who you are, and we’ll doubt you completely, the person you are.

See us over here and in our crowds, we want nothing to do with you, except keeping you down.

We’ll kick dirt like it’s confetti, throw it around, celebrity status of the hopeless and drowned.

As we control the effort it takes to call you a disgrace we’ll be proud of our decisions to keep you corralled and at bay.

So take yourself out of here, you and your pity because we’re society and we’re the ones who are pretty.

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