We as addicts never had any self-control. We always did what we wanted when we wanted, and we wanted it now. But it was our lack of self-control that got us into trouble.

We liked to blame others for our problems and our situations, but if you think about it and ponder it too your heart we choose by our actions how our life is to be.

I find this awesome bit of wisdom found in Proverbs 25:28 to be something we should all consider.

Proverbs 25:28
“Like a city that is broken down and without walls [leaving it unprotected] Is a man who has no self-control over his spirit [and sets himself up for trouble].”

We can pray for our addiction all day everyday, but if we don’t have self-control, then our battles will continually be lost. We won’t have God setting up barriers and armaments against the enemy because our lack of self-control sets us up for trouble. We set ourselves up for trouble.

God is always there for us. But we have to be willing to put aside our lives to serve Him. We will never be able to stay clean if we don’t have self-control over our addiction.