Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Recovery Nation: Secure Social Networking for the Addiction & Recovery Community

Recovery Nation is a safe place for those in and affiliated with addiction and recovery.

Our goal is to be a basis for all in need because we are a guarded social site for anyone wanting to succeed and thrive as they proceed in life beyond active addiction. We want those currently suffering in active addiction to be able to find the resources they need. We want loved ones of those suffering from substance use disorders to have a place to learn and ask questions.

Presently, social networking sites have proven detrimental due to unguarded vulnerabilities being preyed upon by the unwell, and by those intentionally doing wrong and taking advantage of others. 

We offer privacy for Members Only! ‘The Space’ is open to general posting, also included on the network is the availability of public/private groups and forums, upcoming events, and private chats.

We believe in truth and honesty, and personal accountability and responsibility. We believe that those seeking discretion, support, and resources should have them.

Join us today at

We are here and we aren’t leaving!

Breaking free from the ‘mainstream’ isn’t easy, and we would never expect a choice to be made…however, we want everyone to know that we are here.

Leave the socializing and daily life to other sites and leave the support and privacy for addiction and recovery to us. We saw the need, and we brought it to life!

Join us on Recovery Nation, your safety and privacy come first.

We’re here for YOU!

Brought to you by Operation Clean Recovery.

Jamie Waller, Founder/Technical Director

Kristi Lynn, Co-Founder/Operations Director/Lead Editor/Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, OMHSA


Sarah Crusinbery, Co-Founder/Writer/Director of Programming



*Please note that we are presently in Beta form live!







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