Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Project Guardian: Predators Have Been Found Posing as Addiction Recovery Advocates

Dear Recovery Community, it pains me to announce that we have had some horrible allegations surface. It seems there are, and have been for some time now, men in this community taking advantage of women they have been trusted in transporting to treatment facilities. These women are telling statements that are volatile and perverse, some of which are so bad, they are having trouble retelling. This will not be tolerated.

In light of these allegations coming out, I want to send a message to the females trying to find help in recovery from their addictions: I am concerned about you. I am worried about you. I am fearful you will fall into the wrong hands, as there are women coming forward about horrific past incidents.

To the Crusaders, please hear me now. We have a problem. Being a woman who was once living in active addiction, I know from my own experiences how it feels to be stuck. There was a point in time where I was so desperate to escape my reality that in order to get high I gave in and sold my soul. I ruined my self-image. I felt more like a prostitute each day, as sex was my weapon of choice. Sex was a force I used in order to get almost anything I wanted.

But with my actions, who was I really hurting? Each time I used sex as a means to get what I wanted, I was chipping away at the most valuable pieces of me. I was selling more of my soul. This was an act of desperation I used to escape issues I did not want to face. If we are willing to give up ourselves for the mere crumbs of the false hopes we grasp at, imagine what what we would do if someone offered us the solution of a lifetime in recovery.

We are addicts. In active addiction we try to give ourselves answers but we need to be smart. In active addiction we allow our addictions to speak for us. In active addiction we are not able to make good decisions for ourselves. We need to allow our friends and families to speak up for us. We need to understand that they have our safety in their best interests. We need to understand that our defenses are up to those closest to us because we feel they do no understand us. We need to be aware of the predators that are taking advantage of us and the ones we love by saying all that they can to get women alone.

Do not travel alone with anyone. Do not entrust your loved ones to travel alone with anyone. No one should be traveling alone while being transported to a treatment facility. No one should be adamant in being trusted to take these women into their own care. No one should feel this is a necessary step. Do not allow for anyone to control this process.

These men who you are all trusting to help you and to transport you or your loved ones safely are manipulating women for their own selfish needs. They are hurting our sisters and daughters to satisfy themselves. These men are not working alone. These men are not to be trusted. There is no reason women should be placed into their care or that men are entrusted with women that are treasured, loved, and cared for by their friends and families. If it feels wrong to do then do not agree to it.

To the victims of these predators, I am here to remind all of you that you are beautiful. Your worth will never change because men like this have chosen to prey upon your vulnerabilities. Do not let yourselves be destroyed by something that was not your fault. Fight for the strength to make it past this. I am here for you and to see justice prevail. We all lose our way sometimes. None of us are perfect. We are flowers that have been wiltered from the weather but remember that this also means we are seeds in need of nourishment and nurturing so that we can bloom.

But please, to the community, may you heed this cry: You all need to be aware and understand that there are wolves among you! There are active predators posing as advocates for recovery. This is a ploy so that they can gain sole access to take advantage of the women you care for and love.

To the women in this community, I come to you as a guardian and as your protector. Please, to all of you here, I want you to be smart enough to know that you are not safe! I was once a victim myself. I have learned ways to protect myself, and I am asking that everyone excercises precautions.

No one should be left alone at any time. Anyone transporting females (or males) to treatment facilities should not insist that they are in good hands and can be trusted to do so in place of friends and family. Always insist that no one will travel alone in the care of another or in the care of strangers. No matter what.

If any one of you feels alone and scared and unsure, there is a team available to help you. Those who are working to protect and guard this community do so with extreme honesty and uphold their virtues. They know that bringing truths to light is not an easy feat. They know that being the teller of truths is not easy when contradicting favor in fame. They are hear for you at any time you need someone. They work around the clock and they will not stop. Do not be shamed into silence. Do not be afraid to speak up.

Those of us helping to protect you want an end to this hell no matter the cost. None of us here are going to sit back and allow any of you to be at risk to be hurt or to be taken advantage of because you are vulnerable. Facts always speak louder than any lie spoken.

To the predators that have maintained and continued for too long:  I know who you are. Many of us know who you are. Project Guardian is watching. There are more watching this community than even I can count. The invitation was extended and it has been accepted. You had better be looking behind you, you are being watch from every angle.

I am Jane Smith. I am a part of Project Guardian. Project Guardian is Operation Clean Recovery. We stand with Anonymous. We are Anonymous. We are an allegiance of many. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion. We are here.

Sincerely, and with love,

Jane Smith

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