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Portsmouth Daily Times | Evidence out against Calver

Evidence out against Calver

By Nikki Blankenship –


Evidence is stacking up against a local drug treatment professional accused of sending narcotics to an inmate at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility (SOCF).Jennifer (Kortney) Calver, 36, of West Portsmouth, was indicted on charges of illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto grounds of a specified governmental facility, a felony of the third degree, on June 6. According to the prosecution’s case, Calver was sending narcotic K2 to inmate Todd Williams, of SOCF.Following a request for discovery filed by the defense, Prosecutor Joe Hale filed a response Thursday, July 13, which included transcripts of conversations between Williams and Calver as well as other conversations, which led to the interception of the drug.

A copy of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) Report of Investigation completed by Trooper Jeffrey T. Moorhead explains that he was first informed of the possible conveyance by SOCF investigator Charlie Miller. In the report, the officer also provides a summary of the inmate’s telephone conversations.

“The transcript summary states the suspect inmate (Todd Williams) telling his suspect son (Todd Williams II) how to put K2 (narcotic) on paper and mail it to him in the prison,” the report stated. “The transcript also stated to have suspect Calver assist with the drug coating of the paper and she will mail it in U.S. mail.”

Further investigation of the telephone conversations revealed even more information about how the couple and their son planned to get the drugs into SOCF.

An email from a Global Tek Link (GTL) intelligence analyst provides the exact transcripts of such conversations. It is also noted in the findings that there was a “possible inappropriate relationship with a guard.”

The findings stated, “It is assessed that inmate Williams will be receiving two to three sports schedules in the mail that are laced with probable liquid K2. The schedules will be arriving via mail on Tuesday or Wednesday sent by his significant other Courtney (Kortney). Along with the schedules will be a card in regards to an anniversary. Inmate Williams’ son added a correctional officer to his Facebook. It is unknown whether there is an inappropriate relationship here or not.”

In a conversation between inmate Todd Williams and son Todd Williams II that took place on July 28 Williams told his son to look up a guy on Facebook by the name of Zachary Summers. His son replied by stating, “Is that your buddy?” to which the inmate confirmed it was. The two discuss that the son knows the man and says that the guard goes swimming at “the pretty place” in Quincy, Ky., a statement referenced several times by both inmate and son. On Aug. 4, the inmate again called his son.

This time he gave specific instructions on how to prepare and send the drugs, stating, “Get the brush OK. Listen to me son, go over it the whole thing one time, lightly okay. Have your mom and have a hair dryer or something, and then go over it again. I want you to do it five times alright, four times do it, four times okay. Now the paper is going to get wet and its probably going to get crinkly or whatever, it don’t matter, run it through the machine and print me two or three Bengals schedules out. If you do it four times on each one you should be able to at least get three pages out… how many can you get?”

His son responded that he could get two.

The inmate then told him to coat the paper as many times as possible. He also warns about the dangers of the drug.

“You promised me you wouldn’t do nothing with it son… that (expletive) will get you stoned, make you see zombies and everything” the inmate said before adding, “If I can get three papers, I can get $1500 out of this.”

The inmate then called Calver stating, “that stuff came in yesterday.”

On Aug. 7, he also instructed Calver on how to order the liquid K2 and get it ready. He told her to print it on Buckeyes and Bengals schedules and include them with an anniversary card she was sending him.

“I reviewed the intercepted letter that suspect Calver mailed to inmate Williams from the SOCF vault. The envelope had a greeting card and (2) two sheets of paper (football schedules) included,” Moorhead’s report stated. “The schedules were processed and sent to the crime lab in Columbus to be analyzed for K2 narcotics. The card and envelope were processed and placed in the District evidence locker.”

On Feb. 14, Moorhead further noted that the OSHP Crime Lab had results that showed the substance was found to be “synthetic cannabinoid pharmacophore, a schedule I substance.”

Following the result, on Feb. 17, Moorhead visited Calver at her place of employment, which he noted was Recovery Works in South Shore, Kentucky, to question her about the charges. She refused to give a statement. As did Williams when he was questioned.

Calver has plead not guilty. Williams was arraigned on Thursday.

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