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Operation Clean Recovery: Our Story

Operation Clean Recovery stands firmly in our belief that efforts need to expand in fighting against the ever prominent epidemic of addiction. We were formed out of an obvious need for education and honest resources to be shared with those suffering from substance abuse and addiction. Not only are there millions of those suffering from substance abuse, but there are millions more indirectly suffering along with their loved ones. There have been over 100,000 lives lost in the last two years alone. These statistics are real and they are everywhere.

Our mission is simple: We want everyone to know that resources are available. We want everyone to be educated, both the addicted and non-addicted alike.

Not only are we fueled by facts, but we have many avenues for doing, so:

  • Hope Nation shares personal stories of hope and inspiration by those afflicted with addiction, as well as those that have found strength and purpose in their recovery;
  • Righteous Recovery shares stories regarding God, spirituality and holistic healing;
  • In the Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis section we share all relevant information pertaining to mental health;
  • Sisters of Serenity is allocated for stories about women and for women so that they may find unity and support;
  • Kristi’s Korner is an important inclusion for various aspects and from the standpoint of someone not having suffered from addiction directly; she shares her lived experiences with depression, anxiety, and having survived emotional and physical abuse as well as co-dependency. Kristi is certified as a Peer Support Specialist through the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and a certified facilitator for addictive behaviors through SMART Recovery. She is presently working on her MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing.
  • Just Sarah is a section owned by Sarah Crusinbery. She is a proud St. Louis girl. In her past she has gone by many names but now, now she’s Just Sarah. Addiction has run her life for 20 years and now she is finally the one making her choices. She has chosen Drug Court in order to learn how to stay clean and lead a better life. She now has the tools necessary in order to live a life that she deserves. Through Drug Court and working with her amazing family she has found through this site, life is beautiful.
  • Under our Resources section, valuable information is shared that is useful for anyone seeking information, i.e. treatment facilities, etc;
  • Laws and Regulations is a section dedicated to any and all updates regarding state and federal laws;
  • Project Guardian allows for news to be shared involving individuals and establishments (such as treatment facilities and/or individuals) that are proven to be detrimental and  some that have suffered penalties by law;
  • We also offer a Media section, which is where all videos from our YouTube channel, Operation Clean Recovery, are shared. We share stories of personal testimonies, factual documentaries, and motivational resources;
  • We offer a Share Your Own Story section so that anyone can share their own experience to help inspire others, Prayer Requests can be submitted and posted, and our Social Feeds section is where our social network posts are shared as they are updated daily with relevant images and information. Any recovery Events that may benefit others can also be shared and all are welcome to do so!

Our newest inclusions are:

  • The Addiction Times is where we will share all news countrywide and local. In order to reach our audience with all information possible, we will share all stories that we can so that you can see what is going on around you, near you, and in all places from you;
  • Project Generations which is designed for children only. Through our involvement in the online addiction and recovery community we noticed that children of all ages were being overlooked as families, parents, and loved ones suffer and battle with their addictions. Here we now have our child advocate, Lt. Greyer, who makes his own videos involving shooting Nerf guns (and whatever else he might find to do!) Our hope is to eventually share additional videos of children from around the world and what they do for fun.

We also have others that will be joining us, so be sure to visit our website! You won’t want to miss those we welcome on our mission to End the Stigma.


Why Operation Clean Recovery was Formed

* This is only part of who we are, but explains where we’ve been online prior to the birth of our website.

Facebook is where we began. This community was a great platform for spreading information and resources for those in the addiction and recovery communities. Though the three of us began our own journey separately, it was by following of our paths and compassion that we found each other. We each did well in our efforts alone, but when we joined together to create Operation Clean Recovery, we knew we had ended up being where we were supposed to be.

Within the addiction and recovery community on Facebook, it was becoming a trend for like-minded individuals to come together and to promote causes for helping those suffering. However, though this deemed successful, this soon became about generating self-causes and asking for financial means personally from the community itself.  Unfortunately, most involved in these were (and still are) unwell individuals.

Also noticeable, was that each time new issues arose, the same unwell individuals were (and still are) involved – now, should we name those individuals? Probably. We are not proponents of the negativity that is thriving in the online community. We know it is still persisting, but just as one’s path in recovery is a personal choice, so is that of developing friendships and camaraderie. Even those individuals, that evidence points to, will refuse to change when they refuse to take ownership of their own actions and roles played. We believe these individuals to be predators. We have witnessed many actively involved in the recovery community suffer relapses and downward spirals from being involved with these same predators.

The social networking site, Facebook, has become a breeding ground for disaster. While many are joining the addiction and recovery community in the hopes of gaining support from like-minded individuals, too many are falling into the paths of these predators unknowingly. Do not misunderstand, there ARE great people and groups in this online community! However, we are sharing our story, and what we have seen and what we experienced did not allow us to escape the harassment or ongoing drama these predators were (and are still) insistent on living.

Newcomers that are inspired to share and are hopeful in gaining support are getting slapped with the cold reality that it can still be hard to find, even among those having lived through similar nightmares during their own active addiction, all because these predators are still persistent on repeating past actions. We know this firsthand from our own personal involvements here. We spent time watching and passing along warnings to those still interacting with these predators, but we were not heeded in our efforts.  Having spent years combined within this community, one thing became apparent: Help was not at the forefront by many that ‘appeared’ to be offering it. While we cannot stop them, we ask that anyone involved here or wanting to join this community on Facebook, to tread lightly. Ask around about any and all contacts you make!

Addiction is damaging to many people. It inflicts pain, suffering, loss, and false hopes to all that are affected. The last thing anyone needs coming into a social networking site seeking support is to suffer negative consequences from those preying on others’ vulnerabilities. What often goes unnoticed by too many here, is the simple fact that addiction affects an individual in a three-fold way, that of mind, body, and spirit. Or maybe it was (and still is) noticed, but allowing these predators the run of the mill is only waiting for the next victim to suffer at their hands.  It was obvious that while many remained (and still are) free of abusing their drug of choice, whether by abstinence or a preferred method of harm reduction, these predators still suffer from their active addiction behaviors.

So, What Happened?

We were well received within the online recovery and addiction community, as we shared stories of inspiration, hope, and support, and connected with over 200 addiction and recovery groups online. We had several pages on Facebook. We were reached out to often, and we came together as whole to help anyone asking for assistance or information. We have never left anyone without a response, nor would we. Combined, we had thousands of connections that we had formed over several years, and we each had our own specific contacts that reached out to us regularly, if not daily, to receive ongoing help. On top of our networking, we each had years of lived experiences, familial contacts, pictures, etc., etc., etc., (all expected personal profile information), that has since been lost…Yes, lost.

In light of the positive changes we were bringing to the Facebook addiction and recovery community, we left nothing unturned. We shared all facts relevant, even when facts proved that wrong actions were repeatedly being done by these same individuals. We shared the information. We shared all the information. We spoke up about the importance of accountability and responsibility being honored in recovery – as this is a basis for anyone entering into recovery, being in recovery, and living a life of sobriety. If someone cannot first be honest with himself or herself, it is impossible for that someone to be honest with others.

As we were involved with many of the same people, our paths crossed often, (we have even worked together with the same people prior to creating this website), and it was soon realized that honesty was not an aspect that was being acknowledged – especially by the predators that kept repeating the same damages (and still are at present). It was then that we branched off from all involvement with others, and started Operation Clean Recovery.

While we maintained our focus, we were attacked often (and still are), verbally and in writing (gossip, if you will). Mainly though, our pages often went unpublished due to being repeatedly reported falsely to Facebook’s security by those unwell individuals. (Was it jealousy for our success? We don’t know). Mind you, we shared truths and facts only. While we understood that what we were doing was a hard concept to be grasped in a community plagued with these unrelenting and unwell predators, we refused to stop…until it all came to a halt.

Each of our personal profiles were disabled, as our pages that we had worked so hard to build had gone unpublished too many times. Being paired to each page as administrators, we lost our profiles along with years of valuable information, both personal and professional. We suffered ongoing harassment from these predators.

Operation Clean Recovery Keeps Going

We are educated about addiction and recovery, as well as having the combined lived experience of over 25 years in sobriety.  It didn’t take us long to decide to follow through with this push we were given, and we expanded to what we’ve become today.  Clearly, opting out of the ever-present and ongoing, dramatically fueled community, while the slandering and rumors continue, was a great decision, so in some aspect we must thank those responsible for our continued success at helping us expand. These people have shown us we are stronger and capable of more than we thought! Hence, this website was born.

As our website was built and came to life, another dream of ours did as well. Recovery Nation, (, which is a genius concept by our website’s founder and developer, was conceived with Operation Clean Recovery. This is a social networking site (similar to Facebook) that is now also available online (presently, in Beta format). We offer hope and security for anyone in the addiction and recovery community. Additionally, we offer the safety that is often sought and expected on social media, yet is rarely given.  Our community has standards to uphold for its members that will be maintained, overseen, and monitored by real people to prevent anyone from being preyed upon.

Recovery Nation is not viewable by the general public and is for members only that join us. Here you will find open space for general sharing and conversing, photo galleries for each member, public/private groups, as well as forums that are open to all comments and questions for discussions. Recovery Nation is available for all to use as a safe place to come together in the recovery community! Join us and keep checking back to this site as this will become the arena that other social media sites have failed to present by way of confidentiality, compatibility, security, and connection.

While we cannot change what’s happened, we choose to move beyond it. So, we are sharing our story here. Will we share the names of those not yet mentioned? We don’t know. Regressing is not something we intended on when we began this but knowing that others could be hurt is not something we can easily allow. Regardless, what we can and will do is remain focused. We will inform you of all that we possibly can!  We also adamantly ask that you do keep your guard up as well when making new acquaintances online.

Operation Clean Recovery offers as much information as we can. We are on many different social networking sites, even though the issues with Facebook remain unresolved. We are proponents of dual diagnosis, mental health, healthy behaviors and activities, and many more biased topics prevalent in today’s society. We also offer information on all methods of recovery, whether these are agreed with or not by the majority of our audience. We do not shun away from honest and truthful information, nor are we above suggestions!

We are here for you.

We appreciate our audience, and we thank you for joining us!


Jamie Waller, Founder/Technical Director

Kristi Lynn, Co-Founder/Director of Operations/Lead Editor/Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, OMHAS/Certified Facilitator, SMART Recovery

Sarah Crusinbery, Co-Founder/Writer/Director of Human Resources


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