Tue. May 17th, 2022

Looking Inside Yourself

Just Breathe

You always hear that phrase ‘this too shall pass.’ Well when life hits you all at once, you seem to forget that very phrase. It can seem like you’re drowning in all the chaos. Suddenly thoughts start to come into your mind that you’re not enough and that old victim mentality starts playing on a loop, fighting back the tears in your eyes while cleaning or doing your errands. Moments like these are when you turn on the music and just let it flow.

You can never plan for life; all you can ever do is be available for it.

Running Away From The Feelings

I had a therapist once ask me, “why is it wrong for you to have a bad day?” And she was right in the end. Pretending that everything is okay, if you just work harder, don’t cry, and keep moving, everything will be just fine. Yea, I learned life does not work like that at all. You can’t run away from your emotions like that because over time they will just build up like a glass of water that just keeps filling, it will overflow and spill out.

Take that energy and place it somewhere else.

Maybe it can be put into poems, journaling, singing, painting, cooking or something else. But the freedom that you feel is like nothing else – like you can finally take a breath.

The Battle Of Balance

The hardest battle is the one in your own mind. Especially if you suffer from depression and other things. It can seem so simple to others to find that sunny side of the street. We all have battles that we fight in life. Others don’t always have the love and support around them to help weather that storm. The truth is, for some, they fight it everyday. Whether to fold under pressure or to rise up inspite of whatever the day threw at them. Now that to me speaks of true courage. I actually even looked up the definition of courage; courage is strength in the face of fear and grief.

You’re A Fighter

A lot of people don’t think they are fighters. Well guess what, my friends, you are hardwired to be.Did you know that the human body will try to help you survive? If your cold, your body will divert heat to other areas like the chest. When you have had enough of a certain action or are just plain tired, there’s this feeling inside of us, this strength that feels like a roar. Picture William Wallace screaming in the heat of battle. That’s pretty much what it feels like to me. I wrote another blog post on this very subject called The Drums of War.

Your Inner Self

What are those secret things that we say to ourselves? I’m talking about the times that you struggle to get up in the morning or you wake up depressed and don’t even know why. Those inner thoughts that we think and sometimes even say out loud with no one around, as funny as it may seem. In my opinion, those are the times that you get in touch with what you want. You have no distractions and it’s just you by yourself. You’re finally able to process the day or events that happened. The truth comes at you when you least expect it, in those moments of clarity.

Treasure Of The Soul

If you never leap; you will never know what it’s like to fly
Your body may be in jail but you can’t lock away the mind
it’s only a matter of time, Before you see it for yourself
You got this super glow that causes others to melt
Uniting others with self-love as a common goal
Unlocking our inner potential that lay buried deep inside
Like an X marks the spot on a treasure map
And your inner soul is the gold
Your higher power guiding your every footstep
As you keep believing with all your might
Dispite the pitfalls that happen everyday in life
You find a way and a guiding light

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