Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Jessie’s Law to be passed as part of omnibus bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDTV) — A law that was just included in the omnibus bill will ensure that doctors are aware of the previous opioid addictions of patients.

Jessie’s Law is named after West Virginia native Jessie Grubb, who battled opioid addiction for seven years before becoming sober.

Grubb was in Michigan and had been training to run a marathon, when she had to undergo surgery for a running-related injury.

Grubb’s parents traveled to Michigan and told doctors that she had previously struggled with opioid addiction. But after her surgery, the discharging doctor, who says he was not aware of Grubb’s addiction history, sent her home with a prescription for 50 oxycodone pills. Jessie died the day after leaving the hospital.

In 2016, Senator Joe Manchin introduced “Jessie’s Law” to help ensure that medical professionals have full knowledge of a patient’s previous opioid addiction.

On Thursday, Manchin announced that the law was included in the omnibus spending bill which guarantees its passage.

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