Fri. May 20th, 2022

How to Shut Our Mind the F*ck Up

How many times in life have you wondered what if-and-only-if your mind would just shut up?

Countless times, without a doubt.

And how many times did it really listen?

Lesser times than your Grandma hears your constant pleading to not put pineapple on the pizza. Exponentially Zero. No matter how much you resist, fight or plead – it goes on and on and on, like the Furious Series. Pointlessly yet dauntlessly. And almost always it wins without fail and without stop. But we all have our limiting factor – not everyone has nineteen character-arcs to catch up with. So, it’s particularly necessary in those times that you cut off a nineteen year old arc of stupidity and insanity that you have fed yourself. It becomes a necessity you puke it off, hit the delete button – F4. And drain the Wifi down the flush.

“I would’ve and I could’ve, but that hurts!” You’d say.

Well let’s get it super-clear “All buts hurt!” It is something that would incredulously jump out of nowhere and cut apart your weasel nose. It will shake your big jarganaout shoulders and thrash you down through a manhole where you shall starve and coarsely groan and benignly crufefle over all your covfefe. You will be left over in a drain with lead on – and there in the dark-forever sewer; you’ll be reincarnated as a loochy frog with a gruelly worm as a partner. And this is how your story would be inked in the revelations of Sir. Wenun Chickill – from the gruesome family line Nickinchich. And then you would forever be damned and abolished to a fire that would blaze. And then you would realize how far it has gone. That now is the time for the mind to SHUT UP!

But you wouldn’t be able to. This is a mass-hysteria in terms of mind that we are facing right now. Like even if you want to turn it off – you can’t. It would just happen to you; like insanity. Even though it is so essential that we should be able to shut our minds – we don’t know how to do it. So, that is what we are talking about today. Before we realize how to shut our mind the f*** up. Let’s dig deeper into what the hell mind is? Why it does never stops? What fuels it? And how can you damn it?

A Mind is No-One. Boom! All fingers crossed, all theories crashed right in the ground. All thousands of years of research, philosophy and pseudo-concepts of potatrophic sciences and cringatrography – failed in one sentence. A Mind is No-One. Yes! This is the greatest secret that no one will tell you. Now if you want me to elaborate more on this – please buy a 10, 000$ card which is not available anymore because you missed the chance to buy it on the solstice.

Anyways! I am a gracious person – so I’ll still crack your brains open regardless.
So, mind! Norsemen termed it memory. The Greeks called it fire. And the modern psychology elaborated it to a thousand more unclear terms. Now, I bring to you the testimony that it’s all zero. So, then this question arises: if the mind really is No-One then why does it seem like to dictate 200 percent of our life?

A lot of you rushed your fingers through your hairs, grabbed ‘em and maybe pulled ‘em outta their sockets right-in-the-previous sentence. For those of you who are still sitting flat and stuck – with no direction. Here it is in clear terms. When I am calling Mind a No-One, I’m terming it as an illusionary point-of-being that we have created our-selves to dictate our life. But our chord of connection and awareness of the fact that it is nothing has become too numb and weak – almost to the point where we don’t know that it is nothing. And thereby life seems to happen out of the blue. The greatest accident in the Universe is our Mind. Everything that happens in there is exponentially of no value. And so is it. That is why it is called ABSTRACT. Unless you make zero an action – it is nothing. But we have allowed that nothing to consume our life to the extent where we are now looking for an existential point of it. The only point-of-existence where we can hope that mind exists is a mental disorder.

Tell me! Can you see your mind?

Now, go and ask the same question to somebody with a mental disorder. They will give you an hours-long lecture about how they BREATH THEIR MIND, EAT THEIR MIND, DRINK THEIR MIND AND LIVE THEIR MIND. They are not mindless people. Actually, they are the only people who are mindful. And they constitute 99% of our general human population today.

This is what it is. In ideas popularized since the time the World has been descending only downwards in the spiral – we know that they term thought as an action and an action as ‘us.’ Humans are characterized not on the basis of the presence of life and potential – but their actions. This idea was fed into us so we could watch the very fact that our so-called minds do not go into fields that are incessantly harmful to general creation. But those in charge messed it up to the point where people got programmed to the point that this facade became the human identity. The Mind and Ego are the same thing. They are a false sense of self and identity that we gathered over time.

This is what MEMORY to speak-of is. A gathered set of biases. The truth is that it is just an illusionary matrix and what we know about illusion is that it is non-existential. So, when Orwell said that reality exists only in the mind – he was saying that we have become so misidentified with the reality that the ILLUSION HAS BECOME OUR REALITY. This is our facade. The mind can’t shut up and won’t shut up unless we have destroyed all our illusions. For example, a lot of people have the illusion that because somebody hasn’t called them in three hours – they must be dead. A lot of people. They have thought it to the point where it has become their reality. Right now they are experiencing it as the REALITY – and not as a thought anymore. So is it a reality?

Not existentially, but in the mind it is. Why? Because at the level of mind it has happened – the illusion has occurred, the illusion has encapsulated the reality. Because this is what the mind itself as a point-of-being is – an illusion. These people created this illusion out of some traumas that they might have experienced – or some stories that they might have consistently heard, read or maybe have seen about people who don’t call in for three hours and were later found dead. So, they have created an illusion that this is it! Is it?
Now, how do you destroy this illusion?

The only way to destroy this facade is to debunk it. And debunking occurs when you realize the illusion. The very moment you open up to the fact that the mind is an illusion – you break yourself free from the mental trap and thereby become conscious of the reality beyond the illusion. When the mind crumbles, the soul awakens! The mind was never equal to the soul. It has always been and will be the equivalent of EGO. The prejudices we have gathered, the biases we have built and the epitomes we have crafted. They have nothing to do with reality. They are just conclusions based upon a defaulted experience of reality and are thereby non-existential. So, it isn’t unless you have broken free of this cage that you can manage to shut this mind up.

For today, I am going to leave you with a single activity to prove you how real my philosophy is. For a ton-load of you people, it will take a second-read to understand what this article meant. Take your time and then proceed to the under-stated activity. Type in your results in the comment section below.


Take any vegetable and 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening, go and MENTALLY say to it “You are shit! I hate you and I don’t want you.” Repeat as oft as you want.

After 3 days, go to a café or something and order that vegetable. Try eating it. Try it! Try as hard as you can. Just at the first bite, your mind-units will crack. “No, it’s poop! Leave it on the plate.” So, is it? Really, is it?

No. But the illusion has become stronger than reality. And thereby THE REALITY. This is what the mind is. Overtime, when you pick up a bunch of affirmations and keep feeding yourself those – you create a bias; a whole bunch of those biases sorted together are termed as “mind.” If you stay unconscious while staying alive in the illusion – it is called normal. If you start becoming conscious – you are termed enlightened. So that is about it.


Today, you learned a great secret of life. The secret about why life doesn’t seem to be under your control. Life is not under YOUR control because it is under the control of an illusion that YOU CREATED for the purpose of directing and controlling your life. The illusion known as mind. So, the only way to shut it up is to destroy your prejudices, f*ck the conditioning and simply cut yourself free from all sort of bullshit sandwich you have been fed – immediately puke. And you shall be fine.

I am not saying that we should shut out our minds completely – nothing would be more fatal than that. As a spiritualist I know how harmful that can be. People who did it did more harm than good. There are certain biases that you have to hold yourself up-to. What I am saying is that you should be aware of the reason behind those biases and also if they are harmful or not. You should be aware of the fact that they are just a built-up illusion. And you should be able to shift your perspective at will. And it can only happen when you have identified yourself separate from them. The ego-cut tool hasn’t worked ever. The teaching of the modern master is not the demolition of ego but rather the control and awareness of ego. It should be a tool to us. Not an enemy. Or identity. It can prove very useful. More on this some other day.

The point of today’s article was to make yourself aware that what you are thinking is not you. What is happening in your mind is not true. What is true is you! As it always has been. Use the mind – don’t be the mind. You are not the mind. But the soul that fuels it. It is not the problem – never has been. The purpose is not to shut up the mind or to stop the mind; the purpose is to become in-charge of the mind. How do you that? Simply by identifying your illusions as separate from yourself. Simply by being who you are. Simply by not trying to become something you are not.

The mind, you shall see, will become a tool for you. This is what mindfulness is all about. To separate yourself from the little space you have built inside-your-head and to expand your consciousness miles beyond it; so that you can see yourself for what you really are – and not for what you have come to think that you are.






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