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How to Overcome the Feeling of Hopelessness

Like the night’s darkness is overpowered by the sun’s light, even rough patches in life pass through with the light of hopefulness. Life can be a roller coaster ride for many and circumstances such as death of dear ones, insolvency, becoming homeless, etc can knock you down. Such difficult phases can be very impacting and despite trying to pick yourself up, you may find yourself sinking in deeply into sadness and even hopelessness. You may find your soul hollow and life empty. The very purpose of living may get lost amidst the loss of hope and this even makes you devoid of strength.

You may feel that perhaps, crying is the only thing you can do to express your grief. Every time you think of diverting your life’s direction, there may be traces of your past tough times, that may pull you back. The feeling that life won’t give you a ray of hope further causes your mind to dwell into the harsh past.

Life is a long journey and is a mixture of happiness and sadness and what you must never lose in life is hope. The feeling of hopelessness negates your will to live life happily. But after numerous struggles and heartbreaking moments, it is obviously difficult to revive and emerge as a winner. To know how to overcome this feeling of hopelessness, you must remind yourself of these four things that will make sailing through the phase less difficult and more positive:

  1. Situation Can Take A Better Change

When situations seem worse, our mind automatically moves on to the negative mode compelling us to believe that bad things will now follow. Negative self-talking in such situations take grip on our thought process but this gives us nothing except more sorrow and loneliness. Rather have faith in yourself and understand that time is the best healer. You must know that with the passage of time everything will change and this change cannot be predicted. So don’t let the situation take control in your mind and try to have positive self-talks to let your mind think of constructive matters.

Our emotional outbursts can make the situation difficult to handle and thereby, having control over your emotions is one of the most effective steps in having a composed posture during such circumstances. Also, to help yourself revive and bring that necessary change in your life, you cannot just wait for time to do that for you. You need to co-operate by getting yourself engaged in multiple activities.

  1. Remember That You Have Been Through Tough Times In Past

Life is the best teacher and teaches you new lessons every now and then. Adverse circumstance is your patience’s test and if you show the guts to face them, then it will make you stronger and stronger. Fear, self-doubt, decreased confidence, depressed mindset, etc are some of the common feelings during challenging times that instil in us a feeling that we cannot handle this situation. Whenever you face such circumstance, get your mind back to the point in the past where you have successfully overcome similar challenges.

Your past struggles can provide you an inspiration to find your way out of grief and feeling of hopelessness. One of the easiest ways to get yourself motivated to live life with a bold attitude is by jotting down all such adverse circumstances where you rose above to live life with a new zeal. By the time you finish listing them down, you will automatically have more faith in yourself and more prepared for the unforeseen future.

  1. Tell Yourself That There Are Many Appreciable Things Too

Being human, it is our tendency to focus on the things that are not running smoothly in life. We generally take good things in life for granted. No matter what circumstances you may be stuck in now, but thinking of your life from a larger perspective will surely make you believe that there are more things in life that are in fact, exceeding expectations. We generally disregard the fact that we have more reasons to be happy and hopeful rather than being sad and negative minded.

These challenging situations make you identify who your true friends are and what are your inner strengths. Even if you lose your dream job, family members, possessions, etc, you will always have your skills, qualifications, ideologies, true friends and blessings of numerous people with you. You will definitely grow stronger when you view your life as a hopeful one and not as a pitiable one. So start giving your attention to things that will provide you with positive energy in all phases of life.

  1. Believe That Things Are Not Bad In Comparison

Your perspective towards your life shapes your thought process. If you focus only on the circumstances that are not in your favour, then your thoughts will be probably negatively inclined. The truth is that you are failing to view your life as a big picture. We need to understand that after leading life till this point, this particular phase of struggle is just a minute part of life. Our problems are just a small part of all the things that are happening or has happened in our life. Even though you have lost money, job or life partner, what should give you hope is the fact that you are still alive and life has more things in store for you.




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