I feel like most of us struggle with this fear of being judged so today I want to talk about something that might help with that.

This isn’t a quick fix strategy, it is more of a new mindset that you have to adopt, which means you have to practice and practice thinking this way over and over again until it’s engraved in your head.

So how can you let go of your fear of being judged? 

By realizing that when people judge, it has nothing to do with youso there’s no need to take people’s judgments of you personally.

Sure, easier said than done, right?  However, if you understand why we judge and where our judgments come from, it might make it easier to not take people’s reactions to you personally.

So here it is, the number one most important thing you need to know.  People judge because of their own limited perspectives, mental conditionings, inner pains, past experiences and hidden agendas.  All to do with them and how they see the world.

People judge what they don’t understand, what they can’t make sense of, what they don’t know, what is different and unfamiliar, and what they fear.  But ultimately, it all stems from their own inner world and perspective, and has NOTHING to do with you.

What you do might TRIGGER something in them that makes them want to judge you, but you are not the SOURCE of their judgments, and therefore it is not personal.

The broader someone’s perspective, the more open and accepting they are of differences, uncertainties, and new situations.   The more perspectives people are exposed to, which happens through life experience and also by being OPEN to hearing new ideas and points of views, the less ignorant and judgmental they become.

Just think back to your own life.  I’m sure there was a time when you used to judge something or someone as this or that, but now that you understand it better or have had some life experience with it, you see it from a whole new perspective.  And it’s not because this person or thing changed, it’s because your own perspective changed.  You evolved.

But what if this thing or person was so attached to how you think of it, that it tried to change everything about itself just to please you? Even though the problem wasn’t with this thing or person, it was with your own limited perception.  Turn that around and imagine that you are this thing or person and recognize that people’s judgments have nothing to do with you.

This applies to EVERYTHING in life.

When someone criticizes you, belittles you, makes fun of you, rejects you, labels you, puts words in your mouth, misperceives you; all of that is just a reflection of their own level of consciousness … where they are on their own soul’s journey.

The truth is that when someone puts another person down, they do it to make themselves feel better.  The smaller you are, the bigger they become. It’s all part of their ego or false sense of self. (click here to watch 5 minute video about “What is the Ego?”)

This limited mindset is what causes a lot of the violence and aggression in our world.  And when the victim is also limited in their thinking, then they assume that this attack is personal, and then they fight back, withdraw, suppress, explode later, take it out on someone else, etc. All sorts of unhealthy behaviors.  The goal is to rise above this and evolve your thinking.

So the main takeaway is to NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY, because it’s not about you.

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