Tue. Mar 19th, 2019


“Hope” created and provided by Lottie Ellis Art

Hope is how she’d been holding on, it was silently screaming and singing her songs. Sometimes it got lost inside but it was never really gone.

She doubted herself too often and mostly for too long. Episodic is how everything had now become defined.

Not much is here.  Not much matters and on days like these, she could only wonder small and lost often falling to her knees.

But she holds on tightly to quiet whispers from the sun. Each time they arrive they reminded her of everything to come.

It’s a place she’s dreamed of often, a place she hopes to find. A place that she gets lost in, but only in her mind.

Other days she’d reminisce, remembering where she’s been.  Of all those countless days and nights spent, hiding what each bruise means.

She knew that’s how misery stayed and why she’d built up walls.  Each second she spent wishing and then watching each star fall.

Alone in her own company is what her life’s become.  Just waiting, wishing, wanting…as she slowly came undone.

One day, that day, she’d had enough as her salt fell and smeared her face.  From somewhere, though she’s not sure where, she’d found the strength to leave that place.

She had no idea where she’d go or how she would arrive. The only compass she could trust now was the only one that hadn’t lied.

Not sure who she was anymore and letting go of all she’d known, there’s got to be more to life than this, more than what’s been shown.

To have more of herself in everything seemed such a duanting task.  But life was hers to live now and she was never looking back.