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Holistic Health: Relieving Brain Fog

Brain fog can actually be painful. It wrecks memory and your ability to concentrate.

Causes of Brain Fog: 

Too much air in your body (vata)
Low blood pressure
Lack of blood to brain

((All of the above cause neurotransmitters to be interrupted:

your brain can no longer communicate so you literally cannot think))



#1 thing you can do: 
Stop eating wheat and sugar


Also avoid: 
Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners (Splenda), additives, preservatives, grains, potatoes, Mt. Dew, Gatorade

And stay away from chlorine, fluoride, radioactive testing


Raw sugar+organic lemon juice+pinch of Himalayan crystal salt+ warm water
(Can skip sugar)

Stay hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.


Eat lots of lean, organic protein seasoned with rosemary



Co Q10, Ginko balboa, fish oil, b-complex, ashwaganda



Helpful Aromatherapy:
Rosemary oil


artwork by Christian Schloe


Massage tips:
*Massage your ears and pull on your ear lobes

*To improve concentration and memory try this self-massage that stimulates two easy-to-find acupressure points on your neck at the base of the skull:

Cross your hands behind you with the palms cradling the back of your head, your thumbs in the grooves on each side of your neck, and your index fingers crossing one another below the skull, just above the thumbs. Sit in a chair, lean your head back, and let it rest against the pressure of your thumbs and index fingers.

Slowly inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth, letting your whole body relax.

Do this for three to five minutes.

You’ll increase blood flow to the brain and at the same time relax the neck muscles, which often tense up in response to stress, constricting blood vessels in the area.


artwork by Amy Judd


Yoga is very helpful. Not only does it put more energy into your body it also reduces any lactic acid in your body.

Especially helpful poses:
Downward facing dog
Seated forward bend
Deep breathing





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