Fri. May 20th, 2022

Holistic Drug Detox

The holistic approach of healing has many benefits and one of the most helpful treatments is its fight against substance overuse. Overuse of drugs or alcohol can have adverse effects on our body causing toxic materials to compose within the blood, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc.

With the approach of holistic drug detoxification, one can get rid of the illness while remaining sober, in other words healing the body at holistic rehab program goes in targeting the problem as a whole. There are some home drug detoxification products that you can purchase online, like from Synergy Detox  that supposedly work well. However I feel that holistic healing outpatient centers are more effective, as it takes one on one intervention with experienced healers for the best chance of permanent results.

Modern medicine tends to remove physical symptoms of the illness and curing only physical illness but with holistic drug detoxification, it is made sure that the dependency of drugs is eliminated for completely removing the illness. Holistic treatment of detoxification takes into consideration the spiritual, physical and mental needs so that the whole body is recovered without depending on the dangerous substances.

Holistic drug detoxification takes place with alternative use of natural substances; it uses yoga, nutrition therapy, meditation, massage therapy, light therapy, herbal treatment, aromatherapy with essential oils etc. to treat the illness while removing the harmful substances. Holistic rehab begins with resolving the need of substance use, slowly and gradually. By doing so it heals the overall need of the substance. Each person who needs to detox himself is treated according to the severity of his dependence on the use of the substance, the programs emphasize:

Organic/Natural meals – This will remove any nutritional deficiencies due to substance addiction

Physical exercises – Biking, climbing, swimming, hiking etc. all these physical activities enhance the physical body movement thus aiding in removing harmful substances.

Meditation – Yoga, meditation, prayer, and connection with self-builds strong will to get rid of the use of substance

Massage therapy – Massage can also help in healing the physical, mental and spiritual symptoms of relief

Psychotherapy – the dependency of substance is removed using any alternative therapy, art, music, animal assisted healing etc.

Nature – nature can cure the addiction of substance by natural scenes, walking on green grass, beach, blue sky etc.

Even the severe case of substance overuse or alcoholism can be cured under holistic treatment; the rehab centers take it as their responsibility to help your drug or alcohol problem and your behavior problem. One thing is that people due to lack of evidence available on holistic treatments dismiss the existence of it to work efficiently.

Although with time the perception of holistic treatment approach has been changing and people are beginning to believe a word of mouth experience have been benefiting from holistic detoxification or any other form of healing holistic treatments offered.

The detoxification might be a slow process but the holistic approach of detoxifying the body of the substance heals the body out of harmful substance cell by cell. This promotes the use of natural ways of healing rather than the illegal and harmful use of substances thus admitting to heal overall health in long run.

Sauna program is one of the approaches of detoxifying the body of the substance and along with that, it promotes rest and other natural healing techniques. The sauna program isn’t just safe but also is a quick and efficient way of removing the toxins from the body deeply, once the substance is completely removed from the body, the addition of the substance also faces diminishing of craving one feels due to its overuse.

Once the substance leaves the body the need or its craving completely gotten rid of, the patient feels he/she can now focus on the reason of addiction in the first place. Thus detoxifying and completely healing the use and any future need of craving from the substance.




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