Finally, I found forever in your eyes,
Monogamy turned into a blessing in disguise.
Married my best friend and soul mate,
Happiness and contentment has sealed my fate.
Boring, normal, and pleasantly extraordinary,
This dull life is absolutely ordinary.
It makes for an over joyed, smiling wife,
We’re just a regular couple with worries and strife.
Usually, we’re of the same type of mind-set,
We haven’t had a serious argument yet.
We had the same childhood; we come from the same place,
Perfect combination of camo and lace.
There isn’t a single thing about him I would change,
Though his sense of humor can be twisted and strange.
His big kind heart, giving nature, and his playfulness,
But they don’t outweigh our story of loving tenderness.

~S. R. Craig, 2015