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8 Consequences That Can Happen from a Drug Addiction

While the many consequences of a drug addiction are not enough to give an addict the ability to stop using on their own, they are important to know about and they can act as motivation to seek help and begin the recovery process. Why aren’t consequences enough to make an addict put down the drugs? Addiction is a disease that needs treatment. An addiction to drugs and alcohol cannot be stopped by pure will. Treatment, such as a medical detox and inpatient rehab, can be necessary in order for an addict to get off all mind-altering drugs and receive help for underling issues that cause them to turn to the substances in the first place.

Consequences of a Drug Addiction

Though consequences may not be able to deter an addict away from substances, they can bring an addict to the realization that they have a problem and need help to recover. But what exactly are some consequences of a drug addiction?

1. Relationship Problems

It’s not unusual for addicts to have arguments and problems with their loved ones due to their drug addiction. Most of the disputes are directly or indirectly related to their addiction. Whether family, friends, and loved ones are aware of the drug addiction or are suspicious about certain behaviors, drug addicts may become untrustworthy, aggressive, and manipulative in order to continue their addiction, hide their addiction, and defend their addiction.

2. Public Outbursts

Another consequence of a drug addiction can include having public outbursts, which can often lead to the addict getting kicked out of restaurants, shops, jobs, or apartments. When drug addicts are inebriated or withdrawing, they may become violent, unusual, and even frightening. The reality is that when addicts take drugs, there’s no telling how they may act once the chemicals are in their body.

3. Physical Dependency & Withdrawal

When addicts take drugs regularly, they put themselves at risk for becoming physically dependent on them. Without the drugs in their body, addicts will go through withdrawals, which can be uncomfortable and painful. This often just perpetuates the addiction because addicts will continue to take the drugs in order to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, such as nausea, sickness, constipation, and cold sweats.

4. Tolerance

Another consequence of a drug addiction is that addicts can end up building a tolerance, which means they will need more of the drug to produce the same effect as the original dose. This can increase the risk of an overdose.

5. Overdose Risks

The nature of drug addiction is to want more, but having more substances consecutively or combining a cocktail of drugs can increase the risks of overdose and death. These are common risks that addicts face daily, especially since they never really know what they are getting when they buy drugs illegally off the street and use them. Even when small amounts of drugs are taken, it can lead to an overdose and death.

6. Financial Trouble

It’s common for addicts to have financial problems due to their drug use. After all, most of their money goes towards purchasing drugs. Many drug addicts end up in debt, pawning items, and even resort to theft, all in order to maintain their habit.

7. Inability to Hold a Job

Some drug addicts are able to hold a job, but many others end up coming in late, leaving early, not showing up, or losing their job because their drug addiction becomes more important. Holding a job can become increasingly difficult because much of an addict’s time is spent on using and craving substances. Addiction becomes over-consuming and they no longer can function properly in society.

8. Legal Issues

Drug addiction is a disease, but many substances are illegal. It’s not unusual for drug addicts to have legal issues due to their drug possession or use. Some addicts end up in worse legal trouble because of how they act when they are high or how they get the funds to get high. Even though many drug addicts end up in legal trouble, it doesn’t mean they are bad people. These are people who are sick with a disease and need treatment, not jail.

While nobody wakes up one day and decides they want to suffer through all of the consequences of a drug addiction, they can and do happen when addicts are in active addiction. People often begin with drug abuse, which becomes more regular until it is a habit. Drug addiction is a disease because even when addicts want to stop, they find that they cannot stop or stay stopped. Unfortunately, consequences are not enough to deter addicts from using substances because of the mental obsession and physical compulsion to use. But there is treatment available for those who suffer from drug addiction and knowing the consequences of drug addiction can help by letting people know what can happen if you do abuse drugs and become hooked.

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