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Eating disorder recovery
Eating disorder recovery

I've struggled with an eating disorder for years, and despite moving to Florence last year to live out my dream, I learned that my recovery was still a work in progress. After six months of a new job, new friends, and a new man in my life (not to mention the beautiful Italian scenery and lifestyle), I felt unwell and, after being confronted by my roommate, I learned I needed professional help. I soon had to accept that starting fresh is impossible. Recovery is an everyday battle, but one I don’t ever plan on losing. I’m fortunate to have such an incredible network of support, both near and far, and I’m grateful for the women willing to share their stories of ups and downs in recovery because, truly, we are stronger together.

These women shared their own stories of how life and recovery are on a continuous loop.

It's not a straight line of getting better
1/5 Alyssa Zolna
I consider myself in recovery, but not recovered at this point
2/5 Alyssa Zolna
It's going to be a long process
3/5 Alyssa Zolna
I think that there will always be triggers
4/5 Alyssa Zolna
Life's a tangled-up mess; not a straight line. Recovery is the same way
5/5 Alyssa Zolna