Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

(If There Were) No More Tomorrows


Hope gives strength at needed times, it gathers and overtakes, it wins.

Yet it brings the pain that there is no promise, there are no guarantees, we just give and we take, a push for today, living inside of complete disarray.

Cry if you must, scream out to nothing, so let everything crumble, just let it all go.

Don’t swallow the fear, whether spoonfed or offered, the weak are close-minded, overtaken at will, society only has whatever it’s told.

Still, you stand proud but alone, so stay there, please.

Darkness comes in waves, not intended to stay.  Just breathe in and out, come back again, to the place inside, come into your knowing, it’s where you reside.

What is collected, processed, it will unfold.  And you, Dear Stranger, are just becoming.  What is true,what is real, what’s left now, is you.

And so what if for today, there were no more tomorrows, what if for a moment, all we had left was to remain, here, today, clinging to sorrows, no more chances to change.

No more reasons to stay, though nothing remains, all for nothing, it’s still all the same.

Darkness turns bitter, and out there, somewhere the naked are free, remiscent of who we were and used to be.

But it’s here you got lost, and where you lost it all, everything you’ve owned and never had,it all becomes pieces of a yesterday,that will forever persuade, how you got here, and how you arrived, while knowing your fears.

Still the place where you’re standing, all you know is all the farther you’ve gotten, a one man show.

Looking back and forward, it’s easy to find what should not have been, all the reasons why, just a “washed up has been, unapplied.”

Tears flow then recede again, but it’s you that’s allowing, what’s familiar, unmet.

Lines predicting, distance removed, encompassing, surrounding you, and in every direction all you can see is beyond all the could bes, the maybes,  all the chances now gone. What’s left for the onlookers, is your own great beyond.

How much to regret, and where would it start? How would you even know the difference of two worlds, now forever apart?

Left only wishing, to restart and just start, all broken promises of your still beating heart.


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