Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

11 Things To Stop Shaming People For

Let’s face it. We all feel ashamed about something. Whether it’s your weight, that god awful haircut you had in the seventh grade, or the status of your virginity, there is something. It’s not that being ashamed is a bad thing, it’s making people feel like there is something wrong with them.

Here is a list of 11 things that you shouldn’t be ashamed of or make some feel ashamed of!


1. Your body/looks

Never, ever, ever be ashamed of the way your body is.  You are literally perfect the way you are. Maybe you have a little more meat on your bones or maybe you don’t, it is okay. If someone makes fun of you for it, show them the door and use my favourite saying from my mother, “Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out.”


2. What you like

Everyone is allowed to like different things so never feel ashamed about it. If you like wearing a big t-shirt and leggings everyday, work it! Unless you used to have a huge thing for Justin Bieber, then you might want to keep that to yourself…


3. Being a virgin/not being a virgin

Don’t ever let anyone put you down because you are a virgin. That’s your personal choice and you should never have to feel bad about it. If you aren’t a virgin, which is another personal choice, you shouldn’t be shamed for it! You have every right to do whatever you want with YOUR body. Don’t let people tell you any differently.


4. Not drinking/smoking

If you don’t drink or smoke, don’t ever feel pressured into doing it. If you are around friends who drink or smoke, don’t give into that! You have your own reasons for not drinking or smoking, they have their reasons for doing so. That’s not something to beat yourself up about.


5. Personal choices

This ties in with drinking/smoking and your virginity (or lack of it).  Personal choices are yours and no one else’s. Do what makes you happy and forget anyone who makes you feel bad for it!


6. Your sexuality or race

I feel so mad that this is even on here. It’s 2014, not 1814. Have you ever heard of the Egg Test? You take two eggs, one brown and one white, and crack them open. What do you get? Maybe the brown one has icky stuff on the inside and the white is all glitter and unicorns? WRONG. They are both icky on the inside. No matter what colour you are, we are all the same on the inside; disgusting and HUMAN. Sexuality is the same way. Do you remember when you chose to be straight? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t. Just like John here didn’t choose to like Ben. It just happened. (P.S. I made up John and Ben.) Don’t ever feel ashamed because of who you are.


7. Mental Illness

This one makes me almost as upset as the race/sexuality point. Mental illness is not something you can turn on and off. I can’t help having anxiety and depression, I just do. I can do things to treat it and make coping easier, but it still happens. No one should be ashamed of mental illness ever and no one should ever put somebody in a position where they feel ashamed that they have a disorder that they had no control over having. Their disorder does not define who they are.


8. Your religion

If you believe in God, but not Jesus, that’s cool. You believe in the Trinity? Totally rad man. You aren’t sure what you believe in? Sweet bro. You don’t believe in God at all? Awesome dude. The whole idea of religion is faith. Have faith in whatever you want to have faith in! Don’t let someone push you around for being Jewish, Hinduism, or Catholic.


9. Personality

Don’t change who you are for someone. If you are sarcastic and introverted, don’t try to become extroverted and reserved with your sense of humour. If they are your real friends, they’ll like you for who you are.


10. Intelligence/Grades

Just because someone gets bad grades, doesn’t mean they are stupid. Maybe they just can’t take tests well or something else is going on with them. That’s no reason to be ashamed of yourself. If someone is a genius, don’t make fun of them for being a “nerd.” IQ is 50% genetic, so you’re kind of screwed no matter what you do, so just embrace it!


11. What you did for a Klondike bar.

Klondike bars are life. Do what you have to do to get one, man.






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