Operation Clean Recovery

The Broad Highway

So as We watched the disease return we held steadfast to God, to Hope-Faith. We held onto what you once were never wanting to believe to see the truth of what the Devil has forged inside of you; for it was once forged in us – and then the sickness manifests in you; the fear, the pain, the selfishness and the loss of life. Your physical death never hurt us, your spiritual death – the dying of the life inside of you the child we once knew drives us to our knees in pain, asking the good Lord again: Why? Why this one? Why do I have to bear witness to their dying?

But alas we have been here before, there will be no answers from above . Thus we wait, we wait for the phone to ring with the news of you:
leaving this cruel world
the news of your incarceration
the news of your coma
the news of your loss of sanity

There is a part of us, although it may be small now – stifled, quiet that awaits for the call from YOU saying you’re done and that you want help but we dare not hold onto only that as we have to be prepared for the inevitable.

There ain’t no old junkies – nah, we don’t see old age. We die young, our spirits first and then our bodies. On this side; the side of the light, The Broad Highway, we hold steadfast and we wait for you to join us.

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