Operation Clean Recovery

Every One of Us Can Help Someone Beat This Thing

Sometimes something as simple as a few kind words makes the difference. BY LIZ BRODY Because it’s so rare to kick an opioid addiction in one try, there are many opportunities to help. Almost every former user I spoke with told me that, at the lowest of the lows, when quitting seemed impossible, it was […]

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Women, Addiction, and Ongoing Recovery

Unique Challenges of Women While addiction to alcohol and other drugs is an equal-opportunity disease, women are affected differently than men. Generally speaking, women progress faster in addiction than men, face different barriers to getting help, and recover differently. Recognizing these differences can be critical in identifying addiction and determining the most effective treatment options. […]

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Alcohol Addiction In Women

Alcohol is the number one abused substance within America. According to Harvard Health Publications, an important shift in alcohol research has taken place—until the early 1990s, research focused predominantly on the effects of substance abuse and dependence in men. Now however, an influx of federal funding has changed the scope to better include women, resulting […]

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“Just Say No” Doesn’t Work—But Here’s What Will

It’s time to look at drug abuse as a chronic condition. A month out from Bella Monte, Chayce seems to be sailing on the highs of falling in love while trying to make a life in Fresno with her new boyfriend. She hasn’t touched heroin, she tells me, but admits she hasn’t been sober sober. Feeling anxious […]

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How Do Women Recover From Addiction?

Most Replace Addiction With Another Passion in Their Lives Reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD Many women recover from alcohol and drug addiction by making a decision to replace their addictions with new lifestyles. Contrary to popular belief, some women who recover from drug and alcohol addiction don’t do so for their children or because they have a […]

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The Survivors

Seven women on their personal journeys to sobriety—and the obstacles they still face. “THERE’S NO SINGLE FACE FOR THIS OPIOID EPIDEMIC—BLACK, WHITE, HOMELESS, OR IN A $5,000 SUIT, I’VE SEEN THEM ALL TAKEN OUT BY THESE DRUGS.” —Rebecca, 26, currently job searching and in treatment in New York City; eight months sober PHOTO: COURTESY OF SUBJECT […]

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The ‘Trusted Angel’ Secretly Saving Lives

After nearly a decade on the streets, Tracey Helton Mitchell found recovery. With a little ingenuity (and Reddit), she has stopped more than 250 people from fatally overdosing. BY LIZ BRODY PHOTO: COURTESY OF SUBJECT “I started sending people vials of naloxone” —Tracey Helton Mitchell Anyone in the world can see Tracey Helton Mitchell getting high, […]

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Drug Addiction: It’s Different—and Riskier—for Women

When it comes to drug addiction, gender does make a difference. Women start using substances and become addicted differently from men. Their addiction progresses faster, they find it harder to quit, they recover differently from men, and they relapse for different reasons. These gender differences have a substantial impact on treatment for substance abuse. But […]

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Why Americans—Especially Women—Are Drinking More Alcohol

 More Americans are drinking high amounts of alcohol, and the greatest increases are seen among women and older adults, according to a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry. In the new report, researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism compared two large studies of people who self-reported their drinking habits. The first was a study […]

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How family ties help moms unbind from addiction

Ashleigh Rider plays with her daughter Chloee, 9, after school in Kingston. The two were separated after Rider entered a drug rehabilitation centre. Rider’s recovery from substance abuse might have been quicker had rehabilitation centres accommodated mothers with children. The proposed Kingston House of Recovery for Women and Children addresses the difficult decision faced by […]

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Mother uses pain of son’s overdose death to wage war against addiction

Brad Schmitt, USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee Published 9:00 a.m. CT Dec. 1, 2017 | Updated 1:06 p.m. CT Dec. 1, 2017 Two years after heroin took her only child, Jacqueline Perrine is emerging as one of the state’s most passionate advocates for prevention and recovery. (Photo: Submitted) Jacqueline Perrine found teaching others about addiction was […]

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Let’s Talk About How Women Experience Drug Addiction Differently

View original article: https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/j5xpab/lets-talk-about-how-women-experience-drug-addiction-differently   Katherine Gillespie Jun 7 2017, 2:04pm In her new book Woman of Substances, Jenny Valentish admits to indulging in just about every illicit drug in existence. A decades-long addiction began with stealing liquor from her father’s cabinet as a teenager, and quickly transitioned into a full-blown habit of getting drunk every afternoon […]

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