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What is the Root Cause of the Spiritual Illness Called Addiction?

The Real Problem Behind Addiction Is A Spiritual Problem The only way an addict can ever have a real choice to stop self-medicating the symptoms of addiction is if he or she can understand and treat the real problem that gives rise to the symptoms to begin with. But what is the real problem the […]

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Understanding God’s Word… ‘Teach Us to Pray’

God uses a form of spiritual technology, a system of communication that may seem baffling at first to many people. It’s called prayer. Effective prayer also requires training.     When my employer first instructed me to learn to use a computer, my mind went numb. My idea of high tech was using a mechanical […]

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Molten Lives

Snatched from a young daughter’s tiny arms. Drunken thieves uncaring as to the harm. Their pride, only bruised, ran you down…. That dark May night far from town. A small child’s destiny eternally changed. At that immortal speed not just metal rearranged. What was it like, as you rode between the veil of heaven and […]

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You See a Hero

You do not see me tremble with fear. You do not see me shed a tear. You see a hero. You do not see me have nightmares. You do not see me when no one cares. You see a hero. You do not see me miss my baby girl. You do not see my thoughts […]

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Will I Ever Feel Normal? Healing Your Brain After Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction: The word “addiction” comes from a Latin term that means “bound to” or “enslaved.” If you or someone you love has struggled to overcome drug addiction, you certainly understand this concept. In active drug addiction, I not only felt painfully helpless against this monster that had awakened inside of me, but the more I […]

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Boring, Normal, and Dull

Finally, I found forever in your eyes, Monogamy turned into a blessing in disguise. Married my best friend and soul mate, Happiness and contentment has sealed my fate. Boring, normal, and pleasantly extraordinary, This dull life is absolutely ordinary. It makes for an over joyed, smiling wife, We’re just a regular couple with worries and strife. […]

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Addiction: A Disease of the Soul?  

How a wounded spirit can trigger compulsive behavior We naturally want to feel good. But what happens when our favorite method of stress relief turns destructive? Serious addictions take an undeniable toll both physically and mentally. But according to Lisa Boucher, author of the 2017 winner of the Best Book Award for women’s health, “Raising the […]

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The ‘Friends’ You Know

When we were younger most of us grew up with a general sense of trust and always looked for the best in people. Some of us outgrew that with age and experience. Some of us keep a general sense of those two traits no matter what life’s experiences have taught us. I guess it’s from […]

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Ego Reduction and Growth of the Spirit in Addiction Recovery

By Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols & Jan Montgomery When it comes to the big questions: Who am I? What is God? and What is God’s plan for me? …I know nothing. All I can offer is a “knowingness” that comes from meeting life’s challenges and walking through the “fires” to the other side. With that […]

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What Role Does God Play in My Recovery?

You’ve been crying out to God for years now, praying that he would heal you of your addiction, that he would help you to stand strong in the face of temptation and that he would, in the end, simply take away your life-controlling obsession with alcohol, drugs, porn, food, spending or whatever other substance or behavior […]

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Looking to God’s Word When Dealing With Depression, Seeking Drug Addiction Help

  (Last Updated On: March 21, 2018)When dealing with depression, it could be one of the most difficult things you have to struggle with in your life. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) discovered that 16.1 million US adults, ages 18 years or older, have at least one episode of Major Depressive Disorder in the […]

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3 Ways My Christian Faith Helps My Mental Health Recovery

For me, living with schizoaffective disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is an everyday struggle. Some days are alright, when the demons in my head are neatly tucked away and I can smile and laugh like any other person. Other days the emotional pain is so immense it is physically tangible. On those days, it’s all I can […]

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