Operation Clean Recovery

Sugar Boom Boom

      I was on the phone with my best friend and with us being two birds of the same feather we are often interrupted by phone calls and we have to continue our chat at a later point during the day. I look down as I see an unfamiliar number. Not recognizing it […]

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Defeat and Not Giving Up

It is rare for me to feel completely defeated. With that being said, I want to discuss something that we all face with assumptions and accusations. As a woman in recovery, it is fundamental that I assume a very strong approach with who I am. I let people know I am blunt, that I have […]

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Kasey Kocjancic, Recovery Army, D.C.

This part of my campaign is the hardest.  Unfortunately, sometimes I am not going to be able to share a renegade success story and this is one of those times. I ask my fellow readers and followers to join me in honor of the fight of this soul now lost. Recovery army just met up […]

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Dear President Trump

My vote was cast during the election and I am going to announce my right to speaking what that was: Mr. Trump, I chose you because America needs a change. Currently, we are being threatened by so many invisible enemies but we are a force to be reckoned with and we protect our soil. Sir, […]

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Mike Deleon: The Inside Scoop

On January 1st of this year, I received a message from a man who has been a motivational factor within my own recovery, Mr. Michael Deleon. This man is my mentor, director, producer, and an all around amazing friend. Uncle Mike (as I call him) has been my left hand for the past several years. […]

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Home is Where the Heart Remains

Home is Where the Heart Remains

“How have you impacted this world by your actions?” ~January 1st, 2017, after spending the past year (2016) remembering that nothing and no one would be allowed to hinder my progress if I attempted to just hold onto all the negative. 2016 the world lost an amazing woman, then with a sudden tragedy our family […]

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Soldiers, listen up, “RECOVERY!!”      A’ Teen Hut.                                                                       General Manders here, calling out to the troops, HELP ME ~JOE NESTER […]

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