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A Collection of Sorts

I collected some things as I went for a walk. It was just a collection of sorts. It was a collection that caused for a reflection of my life. It was there where I held two rocks. I held one in each hand. I felt the difference in their touch. One was rough, one was […]

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How to Be Free

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Watching Her

I watch her standing up there. She does it like it’s where she belongs. She’s laughing. She’s still laughing while she says, “I don’t know why but this is just something I have to do.” I don’t dare go near her.  Standing across from her, I look straight down. I can’t guess how far it […]

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Getting Unstuck

When I was younger I took in everything around me. Not younger in childhood years, I don’t expect I was much different from anyone else. Having three sisters, we always found something to keep us busy. But as I grew into my teenage years and then into adulthood, I became a watcher. I watched everyone […]

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The Irony I Found In My Coffee

I follow the same routine each morning. Every morning I get up and do the same damn thing. Today, it was the same. It was the same even though it was different. As a single Mom, I tend to question every step I take. I wonder if I’m doing the right things and teaching my […]

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She Let Go

  Somewhere there, between her beginning and her end, she got tired. It wasn’t the usual kind of tired. It wasn’t the empty kind of tired. She just came to a point where being tired was all she knew. She’d dreamed big enough for the world but was without resolve. It was there in her […]

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On Becoming

  I used to think that I had to be and do everything in a specific way, in a specific order. I used to think there was some chronological timeline that I was supposed to follow even though I had no idea what it was. I tried to live my life the way it was […]

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He came into the classroom I was assigned to, first thing this morning, just like he always does every other week he’s with his Dad. He tracks me down upon his arrival at school. This morning, he set his book bag down, took off his coat and tossed it near that pile he’d already started. […]

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Dan Carpenter: Just a Guy from Pennsylvania

Attending high school classes regularly and being active in sports, allows for most of us to follow the paths that we are intended to follow as we grow into adulthood. Though all of our lives at home vary by degrees during this time, it isn’t abnormal for many stories to ring true to us when […]

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Inside and Out.

I’m not an addict. But I am in recovery. I’ve been around long enough to understand that most of us are in recovery, we are all recovering from something, in some way. My story involves depression, anxiety, codependency and abuse – but mainly depression. The abuse was the hardest when it was real. I’ll even […]

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Artwork created and provided by Lottie Ellis Art. For most of my life there was an innate part of me that told me not to trust myself. Not one bit of me. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t know how to. Over time, I’ve ignored this feeling. And each and every time, it took time […]

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Artwork created and provided by Lottie Ellis Art. It’s said that pain changes people. It’s true. Although none of us want to feel alone on our journeys, to an extent, we are just that. Sure, there are people who can relate to this part or commiserate with that part, but no one ever really gets […]

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