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Save Me

I had this randomly pop into my head as I looked at the onslaught of bills turning red (not generally friendly reminders) today. This stack that has piled while I’ve worked so hard to help others for so long. I stopped and felt sorry for myself for a minute. I won’t lie. I felt like […]

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When Your Child is Addicted

It’s hard to explain to people on the outside what it’s like being the parent of a child in active addiction. I hope that this reaches someone that needs to see they aren’t alone with all the emotions. Sometimes us parents, especially mothers I feel, get criticism for having a child with substance abuse disorder. […]

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Facebook “Doctors” and the Dangers

I keep seeing all these things pop up on my Facebook feed from people that are not psychiatrists preaching that minors should not be on psychiatric medications. Information from questionable sources are cited as facts, natural remedies are preached to be the only way to handle mental illness in children. I have many problems with […]

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Dear Rick,

You and I began this all, she was not just mine first, but ours. Some years the anniversary of your passing are a little more difficult than others, and this is one of them I found as I had a meltdown shortly after midnight. Thank you to my dear friends for being there for me. […]

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Harm Reduction is ‘Enabling’ – Huh…?

I can’t quite grasp the level of ignorance with people in regards to harm reduction. I’m going to attempt to break this down in a way people who may not even be sympathetic to those in active addiction may understand – if they have ears to hear, which many do not. If not, just move […]

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A Funeral and a Baby Shower

How the hell are these two things related you are likely asking yourself. Allow me to explain. It makes sense in the end, I promise. From about December of 2015, when I first realized my other half, my Sunshine, was on heroin until October of 2016, a lot of thoughts and emotions raced through my […]

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Dear Heroin…

I was up last night and for some reason reading old posts from a support group I was in while my daughter (who’s now 15 months clean) was actively using. It’s funny how when reading them, they brought me immediately back to when my first love, my Sunshine, was still lost. All the emotions flood […]

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Loneliest in a Crowd

Is it just me???

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The Man in the Box

To love an addict is such a whirlwind of feelings, which is not my strength. I love so many so dearly though, I will try to articulate it for those who don’t as best I can. To love an addict is so addictive in and of itself, because those I know are some of the […]

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The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

I’ve used the term “Addict Zombie” before, and I continue to because it’s the best way I can really think of to describe what I watched heroin do to my daughter, and what I continue to see it do to others. It’s so similar to the pop culture depictions, it’s uncanny. It’s starts as an […]

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Dominoes Anyone?

“Even if you are a person who isn’t able to see the pain addiction causes an individual who becomes a slave to a drug that is SO difficult to overcome, surely you can empathize with her family; the innocent children, her husband who didn’t sign up for this, her elderly mother who’s health is in jeopardy, and a family that has been ripped apart due to the fighting. Surely you can see that every individual addicted affects YOU in some way when you really break it down.”

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Dear Soccer Mom

This is a topic I haven’t seen addressed much. I deal with a lot of mothers being the mother of a child in recovery…trust me when I say this needs to be discussed! We live in a society that frankly puts insurmountable amounts of pressure on mothers in particular. In New England, where I’m from, […]

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