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I was on the phone with my best friend and with us being two birds of the same feather we are often interrupted by phone calls and we have to continue our chat at a later point during the day. I look down as I see an unfamiliar number. Not recognizing it I assumed it was someone who needed Commander’s compassion and honesty. I answer my cell, “Good morning, Manders, how can I help you?”

On the other end, I heard a distinguished voice that I knew all too well. I thought I was being pranked, but sure enough my heart completely stopped when the greeting came from the other end saying, “This is DL Downer of Sugar Boom Boom.” I am rarely speechless and never have I become as flustered as I did; it was hilarious. He laughed and advised me to gather my composure so that I can contact him because he is supportive about recovery and what my team and I are doing.

This I so graciously accepted. We talked and shared a lot with each other. I explained to him the high school politics going on surrounding the stigma that addiction carries. I also got to know the man who once defeated this dragon, not by killing it, but instead by becoming its ally – he embraced his addiction by accepting the responsibility of his drug induced escapades.

Currently, DL Downer and with his collaboration, Sugar Boom Boom, impacts many people along with the help of other amazing artists. He has a song featuring Lady Dice, who is inspirational on the whole by sharing her insight of passion with angelic beats. Though these two currently are trying to establish separate platforms to see where music will lead them, both continue to show exactly how awesome they are because they exalt each other and wish each other the best. They are not spending time quarreling over disagreements, as is too often found in addiction and recovery. Instead, they understand and appreciate all of the hard work that each has put into their own lives and projects.

We should take heed to the example being led by individuals such as these two.  We should leave each other to follow our own paths, listen to the stories of others, and take lessons from everyone. We should respect the different hurdles that each of us have experienced and overcome to enable positive changes in our own lives.

DL Downer made me feel honored because despite of his own schedule he is selfless enough to share his support to the foundation that Operation Clean Recovery has established, on our own and with our affiliates, by achieving what we believe in and are accomplishing. We have established the respect of many because there is more to this community than just the few ‘popular’ advocates we have repeatedly seen and come to know. We speak honestly and it’s time to show what honest work produces. Instead of focusing on the select few or the stories of failure that are out there, let’s focus on all of the successes instead.

We need to focus on all of those bringing back hope by showing recovery works for those dedicated to it. Falling down doesn’t mean staying down, but we will never show the possibilities that exist if we refuse to share them. Through this inspiration, I am also excited to state that there will be a very special announcement coming up soon and I ask everyone to keep their calendars open because on October 20th, this will be revealed and you will not want to miss it.

In saying all of this, I challenge all of you to share with me who you find motivational in the community and why his or her story matters. I would like to share stories of hope and inspiration, showing exactly how many people have overcome their own addictions by sharing their recovery stories. We want anyone who is willing to do so and has brought a change to their lives by honest means. There are people in recovery that are giving back every day. Too much has focused on the negatives and the wrongdoings in this community and it is time for a change.

I look at the world realistically, to me it’s black and white. There are so many people whom I  enjoy talking to often. This community needs to become the safe haven for all that are here and coming to it looking for hope. Those who have regressed back to negative behaviors need to refocus on themselves. Those who have flourished from recovery to living lives of sobriety need to have a platform to share what they have accomplished.

Everyone needs to follow their own paths in recovery by spending time for allowing their own personal healing. The focus needs to change. Those living successful lives in sobriety need to be heard. This community’s focusing on the those who are not leading by example needs to stop. Negativity attracts negativity. The gossip and chatter need to end. It’s time to do what we came here for and there is no better way to do it than this.

I am taking the response from Sugar Boom Boom as a welcomed change. There are honest people wanting to contribute to the recovery cause. Operation Clean Recovery has earned respect for our integrity and passion and it shows. A dedication to success is what everyone deserves. I see no better way to show this than to lead by example. We aren’t stopping. No one will prevent us from spreading encouragement and change that is needed for those suffering.

Don’t forget to Save the Date! The upcoming changes will be announced on October 20th. My thanks to DL Downer for returning this girl’s phone call. He has shown me that no matter how small I think I am, I matter. I have a respect for those that the time from their busy schedules to assist and share in the recovery cause. There is strength in numbers and Operation Clean Recovery is proof of this. By uniting with like-minded individuals, we can be the change that has been needed!


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