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William Seemiller (“William Charles”)

William Seemiller (“William Charles”)
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Good evening, Crusaders. As promised, today I’d like to introduce you to one of the substance abuse treatment “advocates” operating amongst us, while simultaneously introducing you to the fact that he’s not actually advocating for anything other than his bank account. William Seemiller, also known as “William Charles” on Facebook, has been creeping around social media for quite some time now. To generate revenue for himself he runs a number of marketing sites and pages (e.g. ‘Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide’, ‘Heroin News’) and attempts to convince other entities with online presences to promote for him. And if they refuse business, offer any terms which William believes do not benefit him, or speak out against William, he will try to threaten and intimidate them into acquiescence.


William does his best to silence anyone who attempts to expose his true colors, as he will undoubtedly and unsuccesfully try to do once I publish this. #lol. Below you can see William threatening RJ Vied while attempting to do business with Reliance. The woman who was formerly responsible for managing the Reliance crew’s social media pages, including RJ’s, had shared an article speaking out against William’s unethical practices. And William’s strategy was to blackmail RJ into fixing the problem under threat of a damaging article.


Even Reliance, a glorified human trafficking cartel, were repulsed by William’s greed and prioritizing views and popularity over anything else. That’s a bad fucking sign. When Reliance thinks you’re sketchy, you know you fucked up.


To emphasize William’s greed, I have also included images of a conversation he had with a marketing client of his. The client was trying to publicize a Gofundme page and William utilized it as an opportunity to scam the client out of money. When the client suggested that William’s marketing hadn’t worked (William BUYS his followers, they’re fake), William had the audacity to call him a liar before predictably attempting to squeeze some more money out of him. Once again, material was published exposing William’s unethical behaviors. And as always, he resorted to an attempt to force the removal of anything that puts him in a negative light.


To appear official, William uses the fact that his sites and the treatment centers he promotes are certified by an organization called the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC). Sounds official. But in reality, the NAATC is just something William HIMSELF fabricated to “certify” his own marketing and trick people into falling for his facade of legitimacy.


In addition to running substance abuse marketing scams promoting criminals, William also runs a marketing scheme for a hair loss doctor. With some research I discovered that Dr. Rahal, the doctor for whom William promotes business, runs an operation with mixed reviews. There are myriad posts on forums complaining about Dr. Rahal’s practices. Rahal also runs a house called “Foxbar” in Canada where his patients pay CASH to stay for recovery from surgery. Also, when I contacted Rahal’s office, I was informed that he is open to discounts if patients pay cash. Now, I don’t know Dr. Rahal well, but when doctors offer cash discounts and cash pay services, it’s usually because they want to eliminate accurate electronic records of transactions and avoid paying the IRS what they are due. Who knows. That’s all kind of irrelevant. But even William’s own family knows his marketing ventures are bullshit, and believe he is disgracing the Seemiller family by scamming people out of money to pay for his own methadone dependence.


Opinions vary on whether or not it is appropriate for 12 step recovery advocates to be actively dependent on opioids. But the facts are: William Seemiller is threatening and intimidating individuals in our community into doing business with him, falsely advertising marketing scams that don’t work, taking money from people in desperate situations with no regard to their wellbeing, while frankly he is unable to even pass one of the urine tests given to CLIENTS at the facilities for which he advertises. So form your own opinions. Mine is that William is a fraud as well as a total fucking douche.


I’ve attached more images showing William attempting to do business with another entity, being rejected due to his reputation, and then smearing the company as retaliation.


After being rejected, William posts a negative article about the group with whom he had just tried to associate as retaliation. He questions their methods of screening facilities while he will work with ANYONE who pays him. I’ve also attached images of people refusing to associate with anyone close to William.


Fuck this guy, man. Our community is struggling enough as it is. The last thing we need is fraudulent ass cancer like William Seemiller feeding off our need for help. We must work together to spread awareness of scams like this and vaccinate ourselves from them permanently. Be smart, folks. Don’t let parasites sap your valuable resources for their own gain. And as always, look out for one another.

Oh, and as promised, here’s a bonus dox dump containing evidence of Lawson Duckworth (known for his part in headhunting for the Reliance crew) cheating on his wife. And before y’all come at me for being merciless or cruel or anything, please take note of the fact that I don’t give a shit. I’m tired of these fucks and the harm they are doing to the recovery community here in South Florida. If you traffick and take advantage of my brothers and sisters for your own gain, you’re getting slammed. Bet on it. Stay golden, Crusaders. #KFTGF #NOMERCY


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