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Operation Clean Recovery


Trying to break the stigma of addiction by educating those seeking a better understanding through writing about my own journey. I can only be #justme

Kristi's Korner

Making sense of a seemingly chaotic world.

Project Generations

Adults not allowed.....KIDS ONLY!! WE MEAN IT!

Hope Nation

Change begins with healing. Inspiration is a necessity.


Dangers of Mixing Drugs and Alcohol

Mixing multiple drugs is a common practice among people who abuse drugs and alcohol. This is known as polysubstance abuse, and can give rise to quite a few dangers. These may include increased risk of […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Sober Recovery

What are Some New Definitions to Describe a Sober Recovery?
Is being “sober” the same as sober recovery?  No, the term, “sober,” was used in the Old Millennium!  In the previous century, if a person […]





Race Against       Addition

     Friday, August 10th

      Lake Odessa, MI

2018 FedUp Rally!


                    Sunday, October 7th



Washington D.C.